The Wholesale Athletic Apparel Brands Bring in Cute Sports Bras for 2018

New Year is officially here in a month, and we all are excited with the resolutions for 2018. But have the women fitness freaks thought how to bring in some twist to their fitness fashion closets? If you are trying to change the usual tops, tees or workout leggings, time to change the way you dress up in the sports bras. These functional bras are no more just worn for support and coverage; they also give you the extra fitness motivation by being super-hot and appealing. Gone are the days when they were worn only under the tanks and tees, and today, they have become the style statements, as women are bold enough to carry them with the shorts or leggings as modish versions of crop tops.

Here are some of the latest and cutest sports bras that will rule 2018, designed exclusively by the leading wholesale athletic apparel brands.

The chevron printed sports bras

The chevron printed sports bras are quite chic and come in different color combinations, with halter style design. These are available in both pastels and bright neons, whatever suits the wearers. The chevron designs are definitely always in trend, and incorporating them in the sporty bras is a well thought of idea by the reputed designers.

The stretch jersey sports bras

The super stretchable jersey sports bras come with strappy necklines, and a very comfortable fit. In single colors, these have the best features with active ventilation and super flexibility to lend freedom of body movement to the maximum. These bras are the perfect instance of amalgamation of fashion and functionality in right proportions.

Block Striped Stretch-Knit Sports Bras

For the winters, the Block Striped Stretch-Knit Sports Bras are brought in the market that ensures warmth and coverage to the women fitness freaks with sleek straps and a very padded feel. These come in two or three colour combinations to add some contrast and style element.

Striped Microfiber Sports Bra Tops

The Striped Microfiber Sports Bra Top look more like crop tops, in simple scoop or square neckline with wide straps. Made of microfiber fabrics that wick sweat and moisture and keep the wearers fresh and dry, these come in fashionable stripe styles in contrasting shades!

Thus, with the New Year knocking at the door, the women must get hold of the newest range of wholesale sports bras at the soonest.

How Should You Be Wearing The Voguish Tracksuits? We Will Tell You!

Overhauled by the celebs and models, the tracksuits are actually having the best moment in the world of fashion today, surpassing the activewear genre and finally entering the mainstream fashion scene. Chic, practical and appropriate, they have turned into luxury clothing items that speak of class, sportiness and charm. With sportswear and activewear becoming fully integrated haute-couture style essentials, you have to probably learn the art of looking your best and confident in the smart tracksuits. From being strictly formal at office to being blingy at parties, simple at casual errands and rocking the airport looks, you have an array of options to embrace the best silhouettes in these wholesale tracksuits.


Today, there is no more fuss about wearing the athletic clothes to casual occasions and this has made our lives easier, giving us comfortable and effortless styling options. The tailored pairs of tracksuits actually look dapper on the women and you can easily embrace them with few tricks kept in mind.


Here are some of the best ways to get clad in the designer range of polished tracksuits.


Fuse them with bling: Sequins

You don’t have to always stick to the track jacket and track pant to show off your style in the tracksuits. You can choose any one of them and still rock the idea. Going for a party in the evening? The track jacket would become too simple for evening wear and hence you have to shimmer. It is time to add the sequined turtle neck or halter neck top with a trackpant. Make sure you keep color coordination, and add the matching stilettoes, too.

Always be ready to show off skin

Have a dinner date to go for? You need to show off your sexy side by exposing some skin and being at your hottest avatar! Time to add the bright colored striped side-stripe track pant with a sporty cum fancy halter neck deep neck plunging top, and skinny strap heels. This will surprise your guy with a completely different and very offbeat look, making you the ultimate fashionista.

Brave enough for the full look

For the airport looks or even for the weekend errands, you can go for the smooth textured single, printed, or striped tracksuit, with the jacket and trouser. Add the slippers or the sneakers with this to get the pure athleisure look without compromising on your comfort level and being very effortless, too.

The fancy blouse scenes

For a super escalated sportswear ensemble for anywhere you go other than the gym, you can simply spruce up things with a fancy clothing counterpart. For this, just add the fancy skimpy top under the track jacket in complementary or matching color and look extremely fashion forward. This look can be taken anywhere, be it to parties or to casual occasions with the right footwear.

Time to let go off the logo

The drawstring attached tracksuit ensemble can be taken to office with a blazer without the logo embossed on the body. This will make you less athletic and more athleisure and add some uniqueness to your regular strict and boring office wear.

Make some effort

Add the sport accessories to the tracksuit ensemble like wrist band or the V-neck sweater or the headband, and look dapper for music festivals or even while you are off to watch any sport tournament.

Stand out in bright heels

Matching your heels with your tracksuit trousers is for the ones who prefer to get going with a simple yet a very smart and elongated silhouette. This goes best with the cropped trackpants.

So if you are the one dealing in tracksuits, outerwear or fitness fashion clothing and have plans to launch your own private label clothing line, then get in touch with a wholesale tracksuit manufacturer of repute!

Fitness Clothing Business: The Torchbearer Of The Fitness Fashion Industry

To understand the fitness clothing industry, it is important to understand the different aspects well. Here is a detailed analysis of the same.

A brief introduction

There is no doubting the fact that the fitness clothing industry has grown significantly over the last few years specifically. With more and more people flocking to join the bandwagon, sports activities have become the focal point of the fitness fashion industry. This can be noticed in the massive growth of the global market. With the projected profit margin to touch the US$231.7 billion mark by 2024, the fitness clothing business is driven by the force of health consciousness among the customers and increased participation altogether.

The market has been relying on technology-infused apparels that are aimed at enhancing the user comfort. The technical fabric is the most noteworthy innovation to have graced the circuit in the last few seasons. These fabrics can wick moisture and keep the wearer dry, promote ease, and enhances insulation.

Furthermore, the growth of prominent private label fitness apparel manufacturer has led to more retailers and business owners banking on the custom-made clothes. With the opportunity to infuse their designs and ideas with the functional clothes has promoted individuality and uniqueness in the apparels, reaching out to a wider section of the fashion-forward millennial.

All these factors combined together have contributed to the evolution of the industry.

The trends to look out for

The fitness fashion industry depends on two segments- fitness clothing and sports apparel. Each of the segments has its own target audience. While the former is for all the yoga-loving, gym-going enthusiasts, the latter banks of the athletes involved in running and jogging and all kind of sports. The juncture between fitness wear and casual wear is slowly but steadily being concealed. This could be noticed suggestively in the emergence of the athleisure trend. As more and more consumers started wearing their fitness apparels for daily use, the line disappeared, giving way to more refined trends to follow.

2018 is expected to big promoting team activities and regimes involving virtual reality. These trends combined have given a massive boost to the fitness-fashion industry.

Regional impact

The market trends have had a major impact all over the world. However, some of the geographies have seen a foremost shift in the fitness trends. USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia, China, India, and Brazil have been the major players and are expected to continue their groundbreaking journey next year as well.

Key factors to understand

  • Competition has increased significantly with big brands clashing directly with smaller names. This has been possible as the less popular brands have been selling quality products at a much lower price, getting more attention from the people.
  • Some countries have been more active in their participation than the rest of the world and this has given them a strong ground to grow on.
  • Private label business owners have made their mark on the young generation with innovative clothes to offer.
  • Shift to technology has further impressed more people. With wearable technology on the go and clothes crafted of technical fabrics, tech-relying comfort is an important aspect to be considered and will keep growing.

For all the retailers and business owners who want to make a mark on the fitness global market, register with the top manufacturers and launch your private label athletic apparel. With high-profit margin, this is a fail-safe formula. As people become more conscious about their unhealthy lifestyle and make a shift to the healthy way of living, fitness industry will bear the torch for the rest to follow.

Cheap Workout Clothes for Women by Alanic Activewear

Explore a sizeable collection of workout clothes for women that are among the very best available in the market at Alanic Activewear, the top-rating online fitness clothing brand. Its exercise clothing range is far from the boring and dull clothes that you are used to wearing. Add a dash of color into your gym wardrobe and make workouts exciting and inspiring with this brand.

Workout Clothes for Women

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Fitness Outerwear for Women

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Printed Comfy Black Leggings > Offer Price: $28

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Womens Aqua Blue Tight Leggings > Offer Price: $41

Bright Pink Black and Dark Blue Leggings > Offer Price: $41

Leopard Patterned Printed Leggings > Offer Price: $41


The colours are going to entice you and you will surely fall in love with the terrific prints and motifs.

It doesn’t matter if your sense of style is simple or bold, you are sure to find clothes that match your desired performance and fitness levels and fashion requirements.

The Custom Workout Leggings Trends that are Surfacing in 2017 to Add to your Store

If you are looking for some custom products to spruce up your retail store with, you have to let your creativity flow and not hinder it. Now according to the latest trends, nothing attracts the fashionable women than the colourful, comfy and stylish workout leggings that can be worn to the gym or yoga classes and also worn to pull off casual athleisure. Hence, if you want to entice more customers and enhance profits, nothing will be a better choice than the versatile workout and yoga leggings.

The wholesale manufacturers and designers these days make sure to hire the most dexterous craftsmen with the assurance to offer you the sartorial custom clothing design options. Once you brief them about your distinct specification and requirements, they will craft the products accordingly. You have to be ahead of the eclectic trends that surround the leggings, and give way to something very unique and modish.

Custom Workout Gym Leggings

Here are some of the custom workout leggings style trends that you can incorporate in your retail store.

Black and White Combination

The black and white is a classic combination and you can add these colored leggings to your store so that the customers can wear them with any colored top or tee effortlessly. Ask your manufacturer to bring in different variations of the designs in the black and white blended leggings, from the polka dotted ones, to the stripes, plaid, graphic and much more. These will add to one’s smart persona, and help them carry to gym and even to office.

Nature Inspired Prints

It is time to give up on the bold and colourful printed or sublimation leggings of you store, and look for the ones embossed with nature inspired patterns. The nature inspired leggings come in different motifs, from the animal skin patterns, to the florals, tribals, and much more. Make sure you ask your designer to customise them in earthly tones, and muted shades instead of going for bright shades and neons. The subdued and cool looking prints are more in craze, and creating a lot of buzz today.

The Matching Sets

Instead of stashing your store only with the leggings, give way to the polished matching set trend. Here, you must keep the leggings in pair with the sports bras or crop tees or bralettes that vouch on the most novel style elements. The shimmering and fine texture leggings trends can be stashes in your store in different color combination, be in monochromes, the duo tones, or even the ones that come in subtle prints and self-structures. Here too, make sure that you do not bulk order on the sets that come in very vibrant shades.

Hottest Pink Color

The hottest color for the workout leggings this year would be pink. Try getting the leggings crafted in different cuts, prints, designs and styles in a number of varying tones of pink. Be it the ones that come in the soft baby pink, or magenta, the pink is definitely the most popular color for the leggings family this year.

Celestial Themes

Add some fun and whimsical touch to your leggings in your store with the celestial themed, where the leggings come printed with star motifs, or sun, moon and other images. These pairs of leggings generally come in different dark shades, of reds, blues, black and much more. They are fun to wear, and you can add them to your assorted inventory to entice women who love to look preppy at casual outings or gym classes.

Feminism as a Way of Living has Completely Taken over the Fitness Fashion World

Fashion has always been quite vocal about the ongoing political scenarios, the ideologies that run the world, and taking up the socially important causes. With feminism gaining a lot of attention and importance these days, achieving equal political, social, and economic rights for women has become the motto of the intellectuals, those who want these world to be balanced place to survive in. There was a time when gyms were connoted only for the hunky and handsome men, and women would be happy with some free-hand exercises practiced at home, or yoga as an early morning regime. With feminist movements being campaigned here and there, now being fit is no more limited to men, and women have started being fitness conscious, hitting the gym quite confidently than before.

With the change of the lifestyles of the women, there have been exuberant changes in fashion scene, too. Yes, today fitness fashion for women has reached new heights, and feminism has been one of the important factors, being a decision maker or a life changer for this genre.

Fitness Fashion Trends

Feminism has thus embraced the fitness fashion world quite religiously, and that is evident from the way the women today dress up for their gym sessions.

Here are some reasons that substantially throw light on this fact.

The Power of Slogan Tees

We know how much wearing an impactful tee matters when you are hitting the gym, acting as a style statement in itself. The designers and wholesale manufacturing houses are coming up with the slogan tees that reflect the idea of gender equality quite explicitly, and definitely infuse a dash of vigour and confidence to the mind-sets of the women. From the inspiring messages, to the motivating quotes spoken by popular personalities, satirical comments and funny logos embossed on the tees, these outfits prove to be driven quite effortlessly by the idea of feminism. In the style of tank tees, to the compression ones, or simple crew neck tees, the women can now portray their support for feminism through these tees easily.

Skin Show Exudes Confidence

Are only men supposed to go all bare bodied at the gym sessions, and flaunt their chiselled chest and bulging hand muscles? Today, with gender equality being made so important, women don’t shy away from showing off some skin too at the gym to spruce up their confidence levels. The trend if wearing the sports bras as crop tops with the high waist leggings, or the strappy tank tops with the skimpy shorts has become the ongoing fashion trend for the fitness enthusiasts, and this is how women too can look at their bodies on the mirrors and gush about the physical improvements they are going through. After all, feeling comfortable in our skin is a right, and none can deny it.

You don’t have to be Girlie always

Just because you are a women, doesn’t mean you have to add a lot of pinks and prints, and wear feminine clothes to the gym. You can shed off your conscious being, and try out then mannish looks or tomboyish looks, and this won’t make you less of a girl. Fashion has no limitations, and you are supposed to dress up in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Not Comfortable in Leggings? Get your Track Pants

The leggings are substitutes for the trousers that men wear to the gym for women, and if you feel inconvenient in the tight fitted and body hugging leggings, it is time to replace them with the loose fitted track pants. A dress cannot define your comfort for working out at the gym.

How to Start a Private Label Clothing Line in less than 50 days- 12 Insanely Easy Steps

Tough it was few years back to launch your own private label clothing line—not today!!!! In fact, introducing your own apparel line has never been this easier and affordable.
So if you’re looking to head to this direction, get rid of all the myths and nays. These days, it’s just as easier done as it is said.

Here are 12 definite and insanely easy steps to introduce (and scale) your own awesome clothing line business into the market-

Private Label Apparel Manufacturing

PHASE I- Where you Understand Things

Step 1: Find your Niche market

In the clothing market, there are many small segments. When beginning, as a nice strategy, the pro advice goes that you should start small and explore limited market niches. So don’t plan to be ‘everything for everyone’, but find out the type of wears you want to have under your label and the consumer group your want to target. Take your time here; factor everything from the current trends and future predictions to your own personal interests.

Step 2: Do a Research on your Target Audience

Now you know the consumer group you will be targeting; could be anyone- women, men, kids, elders, 20s and more. Do a thorough research on this target audience and know more about them. Dive into the database available easily online and know about their definite needs and preferences, budget limit, buying habits, expectations, and more. The better you understand your potential customers, easier will it be for you to market and make sales.

Step 3: Read your Competitors’ Strategy

Although overlooked, doing a competitive analysis is one of the most important parts for any business—more so in the clothing scene where competition is higher than ever. So identify your “successful” competitors and learn more about them. Understand their wholesaling, marketing and selling strategies, and follow their footsteps in view of your own individual needs, requirements and business goals.

Step 4: Map a Business Plan

Now you have a basic (or detailed) understanding about your market, time to take a pen and paper and map a winning business plan. It doesn’t really have to be 100 pages long but try to be as definite as possible. Like the business model you’ll operate in, when and where are you going to invest your money, how you’re going to achieve your sales target, the time when you’re going to start making the desired profit and so forth.

PHASE II- Where you Do!

Step 5: Arrange for the Required Capital

Admittedly, launching your own private label clothing line has become relatively – and very – cheaper today. But you’re still going to need a decent amount of capital to not only start your business but also to scale and sustain it. So get to arranging for the investment amount; you can self-finance, ask money from the family, get loans, crowd-source, find angel investors or form partnership to divide the capital burden.

Step 6: Pick a Private Label Apparel Manufacturer

This one is possibly the most important part of this whole process—finding a good and reliable private label clothing manufacturer. The market is crowded with these manufacturers, all claiming to be the best. So you must put an extra effort to find a renowned and reputed partner who can meet your distinct wholesale and budget needs adequately.

Step 7: Design your Apparels

Time now to design your private label apparel line and add to it a personalized flavor! Since you know who exactly you’re going to target and know about their definite needs and preferences, this step won’t really be that hard; easier, in fact, with a good manufacturer by your side. The top manufacturers offer more than just the wholesale; their years of industry experience and expertise are invaluable and can help your seamlessly.

Step 8: Fulfill the other Technical Ends

There’s a host of other technical ends that needs your attention. If you’re launching your business on a large-scale, there are few legal requirements that you would need to fill; hire a lawyer for that. Also focus on other things, like your online and brick-mortar stores, your warehouse, the shipping carrier, and more.

PHASE III- Where you Let the World Know, and Sell

Step 9: Implement your PR Strategy

To make an impactful entry in the market, you need to have just as amazing PR strategy; to capture the audiences’ attention, to inform everyone about your brand and products in interesting ways, to tell stories to people so that they connect with your brand. This isn’t as difficult. Countless resources are available online that can guide you easily with remarkable and creative strategies. When confused, you can always outsource professionals.

Step 10: Leverage on Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is essential today. And with the kind of targeting features that platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offers today, converting is quite easier—that, provided, the campaigns are interesting and worth-noting. So get on different social platforms, be a bit strategic with your approach and start promoting your brands and products in front of your target customers.

Step 11: Invest in Paid promotions

Even when limited in your budget, you must be open to invest few bucks in paid promotion. It is essential. Given the high competition in the market, depending solely on organic result is a not a good idea. So spend on advertisements on social media platforms, Google, contact cards, banners and more. Be careful not to spend too much without seeing any evident return though. Strive to keep Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) as low as possible.

Step 12: Offer Customers Personalized Post-Sale Service

The transaction doesn’t stop after the sale is made. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression on the customers and turn one-time buyers into repeated customers, you must offer a striking and personalized post-sale service. Aim to engage them and offer a pleasant experience, at the same time pushing for additional and complementing products. Customer retention has higher and long-term return than what you get from acquiring new customers.

These are 12 insanely easy steps – divided into 3 phases – to start your own private label clothing line. Sure there would be a lot more challenges on the way, and a lot more to care about (like pricing). But given the current clothing market condition, it’s all very easy. All you need to do is be smart with your decisions and executions.

3 Fitness Inspired Fashion Clothes to Invest in this Spring that are Perennially Sexy!

It came like breathe of innovation and comfort in our ever so busy lives. Confused? The juxtaposition of the fitness and fashion industry! In order to accommodate the important aspects of our lives-function with style, practical clothes were designed by stylists at the top echelon of the fashion circuit. Turning performance wears into daily wear was a challenge that was not easy. But the result surely is one to slay (figuratively though!). The blurring lines between these two have been happening for the last few seasons, and they are continuing to engross us with the same intent.

Thus without much ado, here is a predicting three such stellar combinations (the spectacular of combining fitness with fashion) that should adorn your wardrobe this year.

The Bra Top

Last year we saw the rise of the sports bra to mainstream fashion with celebrities and fitness enthusiasts leaving not one moment to sport it. So it does not come as surprise that this year here has been a continuation of the trend. Top designers have embraced the style and have incorporated them with fashionable tops to create a magical fashion piece that is at the pinnacle of both comfort and style. From using eye-popping colours to quirky patterns, the bra tops are a perfect replacement for slouchy gym t-shirts. Added advantage, they are overloaded with versatility which makes them a perfect outside gym wear too.
Sports Bra Top Wholesale

The Oversized Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts and hoodies have been the stars of the athleisure trend that has revolutionised the fitness and fashion world. They have been under the radar of the buffs who have continued to tweak with its principal design to recreate one of the most functional and efficient cloth. They are at the epitome of comfort and never fail to satisfy, no matter who you couple it with. Custom workout clothes manufacturers have them designed them using the quirky textures and hues that will surely win the hearts and eyes of all the onlookers.
Custom Wholesale Sweatsuits

The Over the Knee Socks

We all are aware of the fact that socks are an important accessory when hitting the gym (sometimes even when not going to work out!) they are important! But going a step further, custom gym clothing manufacturers have constructed over the knee socks as they believe that like any other clothing item, they deserve every bit of attention (in or out of gym). It is a restoration of the 90s fashion, but with ample touch of modernity. Wear them with sneakers or boots, wear them as boots, the result is always stunning.

Wholesale Fitness Socks Manufacturers
The amalgamation of the fashion and fitness industry has been creating spectacular results over the last few years. We have been gifted with trends and clothing items which have successfully left a mark on our hearts. This spring, continue making distinctive appearances, whether going for an intense regime or just hanging out with friends with the above mentioned clothes and slay everyone who lays an eye on you.

Personalising options are available with prominent custom fitness clothing manufacturers who let you insert your design to the clothes. Interested retailers can make a bulk purchase from the wholesalers at discounted rates!

3 Types of Workout Pants that are a Must for 2017!

Whenever there is a new update in the clothing department, especially the one related to fitness, there is a plethora of question that follows. And the most troubling question is which pair of workout pants are the best? There has been much deliberated discussion on this particular topic, and every time enthusiasts have replied that specific workout regimes have specific workout pants assigned.

It may sound confusing, but this statement is true, principally. You can wear a tight pair of leggings to yoga classes and expect to be at utmost comfort. A loose pair, on the other hand, can be very obstructing when going for a run. Hence, understanding the dynamics of 3 types of workout pants and anticipating their excess popularity, the list is a comprehensive assimilation of the same and focuses how different pants work for different exercise.

custom leggings wholesale

Yoga Pants in their Glory

Yoga is everyone’s favourite! It is immensely effective and can be performed by anyone, age no bar you see. A lightweight pair of pants that come with elastic waistband and flared hem is the apt choice for this centuries old exercise. You can opt for a variety of shades which range from conventional blacks and greys to vibrant pinks and reds. Quirky prints and patterns can also add to the overall design of the pants, making yoga apparel wholesale worth the investment.

Capris for the Run

A high compression pair of capris with elastic waistband is perfect when going for a marathon. While the waistband will prevent it from slipping, the firmness of the pants will keep you feeling comfortable. Use of superior quality materials not only lend a soft touch to the skin but also allow you to breathe with ease. Colour blocks when incorporated with the pair looks spectacular. Go for a pair of capris that look simple and create the perfect illusion, hiding all your shortcomings.

Leggings for Ventilation

Intensive workout sessions in gym can be pretty difficult to cope with, especially if you are covered in sweat. So pair of leggings that allow ventilation and breathability serve as a great choice. Custom leggings wholesale as available with a number of manufacturers further allows you to tweak your own designs. Medium to high compression featured in these leggings allows you to move freely, whether you are lifting weights or doing squats. Dark hues will hide the sweat patches which may cause you embarrassment.

To conclude, whichever workout regime you opt for, make sure to choose the best apparels for an optimised session. With a number of athletic apparel manufacturer providing their best of products, retailers will be spoiled for a choice. Registering with them will also help you secure discounts!