Trendy Women’s Fitness Clothing Colors And Textured Fabric

The right kind of wholesale women’s activewear need not be boring. You can find these in numerous different variants that will definitely appeal to your larger female customer base. Since winter is already here, it’s time that you update your store with the latest collection of women’s workout clothing pieces.

Popular custom fitness apparel wholesale suppliers have also come up with a large collection of clothing you cannot afford to miss. Thus, read on the blog below to know more about the different variants of workout clothing pieces.

Barbie Pink

The Barbie pink color has become quite popular amongst the millennials. Women who love to experiment with feminine aesthetics can definitely opt for this color as a choice for their workout clothing pieces. Instead of opting for a bold pink look, make sure to stick to neutral shades which will help you to balance out the colors. Therefore, all you need to do is opt for a pair of Barbie pink leggings that can be worn with a white brallete.

Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine yellow might be the color of summer. However, you can incorporate it as part of your winter wardrobe too. Make sure to combine the light shades with the darker tones to create a balance with your outfit. All you need to do is opt for a sunshine yellow sports bra that can be worn with a forest green leggings. Regarding the shoes, make sure to stick to black statement sneakers for some panache.


Textured fabric has become a popular choice for women. If you want to experiment with your workout clothing pieces, then textured activity wear should definitely be a part of your wardrobe. All you need to do is opt for such clothing pieces that are enabled with velvet and even embroidered fabric pieces.

Business owners who want to include wholesale swimwear in their store can contact a popular supplier of wholesale women’s activewear. Browse through the large collection of clothing, select the required pieces and state the bulk needs by dropping a mail to the help team.