Trends That Are Future Of The Sports Luxe Clothing Scene

Private Label Activewear Manufacturers

The modern crop of customers want more options in the premium fitness fashion clothing scene. The athleisure trend has earned the cult classic status since its inception back in 2013. In fact one of the popular private label activewear manufacturers are coming up with new variants that are designed keeping in mind the demands of the people.

Hence, we can safely assume the modern athleisure clothing is nothing like its past collections. These are bigger and better and are definitely here to stay to bask in the spotlight of style and comfort. Therefore, read on to know more about the upcoming trends.

The Luxury Athleisure

Sports-luxe is the key word we all need to look out for in the fashion scene. Workout clothing pieces has moved up the ladder and has earned the status of luxury simply for the demand for premium and quality clothing pieces.

Therefore, chances are that you can find leggings with the signature channel logo or even the Burberry trademarked plaid print.

Beyond Sportswear

The modern athleisure clothing is Versatile with a capital V. You need sashay around the Pilates class in your favorite blush pink leggings. You combine it with your favorite lace crop top and sway to your favorite tunes at the club. These are super comfortable and perfect for nailing the athleisure look without trying too hard. For the shoes, you can stick to something like a statement dad sneaker to complete the look.

The Collaboration

Denim and athleiusre are the new buddies in the fashion scene that we need to lookout for. To lend a street wear edge to the sports clothing pieces manufacturers have come up with jackets that are made of a polyester and denim blend. These are perfect for those days in the fall-winter season when you want to dress up in effortless clothing pieces.

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Stylish Leggings That Should Definitely Be A Part Of Your Wardrobe

women's leggings wholesale

Leggings are the classic clothing pieces of a workout wardrobe. If you want to feel stylish and comfortable then leggings will definitely make you feel the same. However, there are certain aspects that you need to keep in mind. For starters, leggings are available in a unique range of functional qualities. Secondly, these are perfect for creating a style statement while you run the treadmill.

Hence, owing to the increasing demands, one of the popular women’s leggings wholesale manufacturer has come up with a unique collection you can definitely have a look at.

The Grunge Quotient

Tragedy is the new cool! If you have a penchant for the gothic silhouettes but have romance in mind, then the best thing you can opt for is a fuchsia pink leggings with black lace detailing. These are super elegant and works well if styled with an off shoulder velvet black top. Perfect for the date night outfit with your bae.

The Retro Floral Effect

The vintage floral outfit is reminiscent of the 70’s soft feminine vibe. From muted colors to big flower detailing to even Technicolor style, there’s a unique range of clothing you can browse from. Thus, a vintage floral leggings along with an oversized shirt with chain link detailing will really work for the picnic day!

Bold Is The New Cool

Do you love bold colors? Then, colors like orange, yellow and even bright blue will definitely appeal to you. The key is to style neutral colored clothing pieces with the same to create a unique aesthetic. Therefore, all you need to do is pair a bright green leggings with a pink tube top to complete the look for the day. You can even layer your outfit with a trench coat for some added drama and panache! Make sure to stick to same colorful vibe.

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Ideal Clothes Perfect For A Beginner Level Workout Routine

athletic clothes manufacturers

If you’re a beginner in the gym clothing scene, then you need to know about certain attributes that will allow you to perform well. There are so many different types of clothing available in the market. However, you need to know what will work for you.

In fact one of the popular athletic clothes manufacturers have come up with a unique collection of clothing you can definitely have a look at. Therefore, read on the blog below to know more about the same.

Leggings/ Shorts

If you want to excel in your aerobic and cardio workout routine, then make sure to invest in the right variant of compression leggings and shorts. These are blessings in disguise as it will protect your leg muscles during the intensive workout routine. Thus, it prevents the formation of lactic acid which can be otherwise detrimental to the muscles.

Mesh Accented Tanks

When you wear tank tops, make sure that these are breathable enough for a better workout routine. These should ideally be made of a artificially modified fabric with super breathable technology. Hence, irrespective of the season, you should choose the right variant of tank top that can be worn as it is or with a layered piece.

Encapsulated Sports Bra

An encapsulated sports bra will provide you with complete comfort, especially if you’re associated with workout regime like HIIT or even piloxing. Thus, it is important for you to look for such sports bra variants that are ideally made of wide shoulder and waist straps. Stick to seamless fabric as it will allow a flexible movement.


A hoodie made of a waterproof material is all you need for a fun outdoor workout routine. You can either opt for a normal fitted variant or select something cropped so that you can style it for the sports luxe look.

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List Of Trendy Workout Clothing Pieces That Are Perfect For Winter

bulk fitness apparel

With the fast approaching winter season, you might want to change your usual workout clothing. Feeling comfortable during the exercise is as much important hence you wouldn’t want to compromise on your outfits.

In fact one of the popular bulk fitness apparel manufacturer has come up with a unique variant you can definitely have a look at. Thus, read on the blog below to know more about the same. You can even get discount on the selected products, hence hurry!

Skinny Nudes

For those who want to incorporate the nude clothing in their wardrobe can definitely opt for the classic compression clothes in such shades. You can browse through a range of browns and blush pinks in order to imbibe the skin colored aspect.

Animal Print

Time and again we have mentioned that animal clothing pieces have created a buzz in the fashion scene. Hence, if you’re a lover of the snakeskin print, you can flaunt the style in the form of a sports bra or even a pair of leggings. For the lover of bold prints, you can also opt for a multiple printed clothing. Hence, a printed tee combined with a similar patterned cropped leggings will definitely do the trick.

Outdoor Calling

For those who want to incorporate the pastels in their wardrobe, can simply opt for such shades like ombre blue, peach and yellows as well. You can simply channelize the summer aesthetic into your clothing this year by opting for the best pastel colored clothing. You can either opt for an entirely pastel colored outfit, or simply select something that can be styled with a neutral colored workout clothing piece.

Compression Leggings

If you want to opt for some serious HIIT workout routine, then the best clothing piece that will come to your rescue is the compression wear. From classic black to colorful prints, there’s a whole new range of clothing you can browse from.

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Trendy Leggings For Teens That Are Worth The Bulk Purchase

wholesale compression leggings

As much as adults needs appropriate workout clothing, teens also need to wear such clothing that will help them to perform better. This is especially important when they are starting out with their beginner level workout regime. Hence, if you want to invest in the base level clothing pieces, then it would be advisable to look for the best of leggings, tanks and sports bra. Supportive underwear are one of the important aspects that you need to take care of.

Hence, in this blog we’ll be discussing about the different types of teen fitness outfits that are worth the bulk investment. Hence, read on to know about the different types of wholesale compression leggings you should invest in.

Girls’ Studio Tank

These are super comfortable in nature and most importantly available in different types of prints and colors. You can browse through different types of styles like that of racer back tanks, classic tanks as well spaghetti strap tanks. Hence teens can select from a range of different types of tanks that can be worn for different types of activities.

Baseball Crop Top

The baseball crop top is one of the go-to items for girls summer workout clothing. These are available in full-sleeved length which protects you from sunburn and tan. Hence, if you want to opt for one of these, browse through the unique variant that consists of varsity themed crop tops as well as those that has special compression ability.

You can wear these as part of your casual attire as well. Thus, opt for such variants that are neutral tined for easy styling with other clothes.

Girls’ Sports Bra

Irrespective of the age, girls need to adorn the best of the under clothing. These help to make them feel comfortable as well as provides an enhanced support during the workout. Thus, opt for a polyester bra that has mesh detailing which will add an extra breathability factor to the clothing.

Similarly, in case of underpants, you need to follow the same rules as well.

Dri-fit Shorts

The girl’s dri-fit shorts are made with a blend of cotton and other artificial fabric. These are ultra-stretchable in nature and perfect for all kinds of aerobic exercises. Hence, you can purchase these in different types of colors as well as prints to be worn with other clothes.

Contradictory to the cycling shorts, these cannot be worn for swimming purposes. Hence, it is important that you need to browse through for the best fabric types.

Solid Colored Jersey Sweatshirt

Jersey sweatshirts are like the best transition clothing you can wear for the workouts as well as a casual clothing. These are extremely comfortable in nature and are perfect to be worn in itself, as it as special thermoregulation qualities that helps to balance the body temperature with the environmental state. Hence, it would be advisable to select the required pieces in colorful variants.

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How To Grow Your Activewear Brand To Beat Legacy Players?

activewear clothing manufacturers

Yes, the top private label activewear clothing manufacturers have made launching your own activewear brand quite easier. But then there’s a big difference between starting a business and growing it.

Competing with the legacy brands, who are armed with seamless resources, is difficult.

However, there are a few ways…

Here are 5 ways how to grow your activewear brand to beat the legacy players:

  1. Start With The Right Quality

You can have the best marketing and pricing strategy. But if your product isn’t of good quality, your business will eventually fail.

So, the foremost thing of consideration here is to keep the quality of women and men’s activewear high. This also means that you must only work with one of the top wholesale activewear suppliers that’s committed to high-quality wholesale just as much.

  1. Focus On Select Segments

Don’t try to target everyone. Not only is it a bad move, but it’s also difficult for startups and small businesses who are usually short in budget.

So, pick a few segments: the fitness enthusiasts, college-goers, working professionals, those in the 40s and 50s, or more.

And then focus entirely on those segments. Customize your private label wholesale activewear USA and craft your marketing strategies accordingly.

  1. Take Help From Influencers

Influencer marketing converts big. In fact, it generates as much as 11X banner ad ROI. There’s a reason, after all, why influencer market is expected to become a $10 billion industry by 2020.

Tap on this opportunity.

Get in touch with niche influencers and get them to promote your private label activewear.

If done right, it can establish your brand remarkably among the segments you’re targeting. The conversion is high, pricing is quite affordable.

  1. Invest In Facebook, Instagram Ads

At present, Ad programs on both Facebook and Instagram are quite cost-effective – more so on Instagram and its Stories ads.

Plus, these programs also come with highly targeting features. So, you can easily reach out to your segment, in mass, in a very short span.

In short, take out a large part of your marketing budget and invest big on Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat ads. With a very low CPM, PPC, the conversion is incredibly high if you can pull the right campaign.

  1. Don’t Fight At Price

“The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven’t given them anything else to care about,” said Seth Godin.

So, your overall sales strategy should be a lot away from your pricing. Have a completely different selling proposition that attracts consumers to your activewear line. It could be anything – the quality, style, personalization, more.

In the same breath, do not compete with the top market players in price. They can consume small profit margin with their high sales volume. A small business like yours cannot.


These are five ways how you can grow your activewear brand and beat even the legacy brands in their game.

Sure, it won’t be easy. And most importantly, it won’t be quick. It will take time.

Be smart in your strategies. And focus entirely on your target audience. To beat the top market players, neither do you need limitless capital nor do you need a brand that’s decades old. You just need the right approach and better execution.

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List Of Women’s Stylish Activitewear With Unique Performance Abilities

wholesale fitness apparel

As much as you like to invest time, money and technology on yourself, it is important that you do the same with your wholesale fitness apparel as well. The ideal clothing should not only be stylish in nature but performance oriented as well. Therefore, it is important that you invest some amount of time on quality clothing as well. Continue reading “List Of Women’s Stylish Activitewear With Unique Performance Abilities”

List Of Quality Activewear That Will Elevate Your Senses While Performing Yoga

fitness clothing manufacturer

If there’s one form of activity that you allow you to attain spiritual wellness, then it definitely has to be yoga. The various asana associated with yoga helps to align your bodily chakras to create positive karmic vibes. By performing sincerely and mindfully is how you attain spiritual wellness. Although you need to look for quality from all aspects. Be it in the form of the correct ambience, with the correct people or the proper clothing.

To be precise, the right kind of clothes can really help you do your activity comfortably. Hence, it is important that you invest in such pieces that are exclusively purchased from fitness clothing manufacturer. Hence, read on to know about the quality yoga clothing you should invest in for better performance. Continue reading “List Of Quality Activewear That Will Elevate Your Senses While Performing Yoga”

Athletic Wears: How Much Athletic Is Too Much For Your Customers?

Wholesale athletic wear

Wholesale athletic wear is a must-have for every clothing business owner today. They are in high demand with the trend line only surging higher.

But let’s be blatant about this fact: They are costly.

Much superior in quality, promising unmatched comfort value with their high wicking and ventilation properties, along with premium fabric, they cost more. And it isn’t something that many consumers like.

So, while you’re purchasing your athletic or wholesale fitness apparel, it’s important to understand whether or not you have the right target audience who would want to buy this.

Do you have consumers who are into hefty fitness activities?

Or, are you simply targeting those who get involved in mild exercise and are primarily looking for comfortable lifestyle wears? In this case, how athletic should be your athletic wears?! The more “athletic”, the more would they cost, which, again, won’t necessarily be preferred by the audience you’re targeting.

So, the foremost step in the process is to actually recognize your target audience.

Who Are They?

Who are they? What kind of wears do they like? What is their budget?

Because while everyone demands high comfort from their daily staple, which fitness clothing offer in abundance, not many people like spending the big sum. As a retailer, you must identify the right spot between the price and quality that adequately fits the needs of your consumers, as well as deliver you the right profit margin.

Now, of course, unless your business is following a very niche-model, identifying the needs and demands of your target audience isn’t something easy. The wider the segments, the more diverse would their demands be.

Who To Target?

So, when you’re trying to consolidate and establish the core consumer base for your business that deserves the most of your attention, the first thing you should consider is your own interest.

Are you fine selling athletic wears? Or do you find pushing lifestyle wears to customers easier? What kind of consumers do you like communicating with?

You’re likely to sell more if you genuinely believe and like the product you’re selling.

In addition, if it’s a brick-mortar store, you must also factor your local market, which would include the competition level and the kind of consumers that live there. (For instance, if there are many gyms, fitness centers and sports academies in your city, athletic wears would definitely sell more.)

So, once you’re clear on who you really want to target, will then come the decision of what kind of wears should you wholesale.

What to wholesale?

If you’re targeting amateur sportsperson, per their needs, and whose purchasing decisions are less influenced by the price, you must definitely contact one of the best fitness clothing manufacturers and purchase superior quality athletic wears.

However, if you’re targeting the 20-something college-goers who hit gyms for moderate exercise, wholesaling a little cheaper athletic wears that have the lifestyle blend is a much better option.

In the end, understand that the high demand in a niche wouldn’t necessarily benefit you. You must recognize the opportunities that best suit your needs and goals.

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