What To Do To Get The Perfect Drool-Worthy Body Like ‘’The Killer’’

The much-awaited official teaser trailer of The Killer has been released and c is back to the thriller genre! Right since Netflix dropped it on Tuesday, it’s impossible to keep calm. Fincher’s adaptation of Nolent’s French graphic novel series sees him joining hands with writer Andrew Kevin Walker and Michael Fassbender can be seen in the exciting role of an unnamed assassin. Going on a killing spree, he seems to remind himself constantly- ‘’Stick to the plan’’. With the teaser trailer not giving up much and showing relentless chase sequences and shootouts, it will be interesting to see what Fincher has got in store for all the thriller lovers.

Michael Fassbender’s perfect body in the short ‘1-minute 38-seconds’ teaser trailer looks drool-worthy for sure. The Irish-German actor is known for his remarkable physical transformation in each of his roles, and seeing him, one will admit that the 46-year-old actor is just the right example of how dedication and hard work in the gym can pay off.

Right from his focus on stretching and core workouts to his intense strength training routine, the comprehensive workout regime of Fassbender might help you reach your fitness goals as well (if you are looking for a change in your workout plans).

How Michael Fassbender stays in shape – His intense workout routine

Michael Fassbender’s perfect body

Fassbender starts his workout with a full-body circuit training program. Sometimes in bare body and shorts, sometimes in tanks and shorts, the actor is known to perform circuits of 8-12 exercises, concentrating on endurance and strength. This often includes planks, push-ups, lunges, squats, and pull-ups. What is truly inspirational is each exercise is done in quick succession with minimal rest in between. This helps him to build those powerful muscles that you see on-screen. Now, whether you follow the disciplined actor’s footsteps and work out bare body with just shorts or with tanks, tees, and shorts, will be totally up to you but a tip here would be to mix up the exercise every few weeks so that your muscles don’t get too used to any particular routine.

To get a hot body like Fassbender that looks good even when hidden behind long-sleeve fitness tees, cardio is equally essential. Alternating between quick bursts of high and low-intensity activities for around half an hour or more, he typically incorporates HIIT into his workout routine. Some common instances here are burpees, jumping jacks, and running sprints. If your main concern is to burn calories quickly and efficiently, then HIIT should be a part of your exercise routine.

Last but not least, the X-Men: First Class actor not only relies on these exercises but also adds core exercises into his routine in order to form solid abdominal muscles that support his whole body during intense physical activities such as fight scenes and stunts. As long as you have enough space to move around safely, you can do core exercises anywhere. Equipment isn’t necessary. Leg raises, Russian twists, and sit-ups are some common examples.

Never skip proper active wear while exercising. Being made out of special materials and fabrics by fitness wear manufacturers, they help to enhance your performance. These days, workout apparel producers bring a broad variety of options to you that include jackets, sweatshirts, joggers, and more, so you can easily take your pick, based on your own workout needs and preferences!