Gym Clothes: 3 Tips to Sell More To The College-Going Fitness Buffs

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Not just about the grades. College students, today, are just as much conscious about their fitness level. So many of them, even with crunched schedule, take time out to hit the gym or tracks every day.

It’s a good trend. For the students. And, of course, for the fitness clothing business owners. They can easily leverage on this emerging market to boost their sales.

Here are 3 simple but powerful tips to sell more of your gym clothes to all the college-going fitness buffs: Continue reading “Gym Clothes: 3 Tips to Sell More To The College-Going Fitness Buffs”

3 Of The Latest Fitness Clothing Apparel That Are Reigning The Market!

wholesale fitness apparel

Fitness clothing manufacturers are constantly innovating to get the best out of apparel. This is not just an elaborate sales strategy – it is also for the best of the athletes who wear these clothing.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at 3 of the latest wholesale fitness apparel that the top manufacturers have added to their catalog. Want to find out? Let’s take a look!

1. The Socks Shoe

The latest on the block, the socks shoe is really one of the most innovative things you will ever come across. It is flexible and comfortable just like a sock and has a sole that will give you the feeling of walking on nothing!

This one is also good for off-road terrain and will protect your feet from anything from gravel to stones and even water. Quite the buy, if you ask me!

2. The Sweat Sensitive Fitness Tee

One of the top collections by fitness clothing manufacturers, the sweat sensitive tee has special engineering in areas which are more sweat prone. These areas are better ventilated and have antimicrobial properties that will keep you smelling good all day.

With innovation in fitness clothing tipping the scales like never before, this product is the living example of what a good collection looks like!

3. The No-Panty Leggings

Seamless with so outline, the no panty leggings is what makes gym look a lot better and more sophisticated. Built with an built panty, this one can truly make your collection as hassle free as it gets.

And the best part?

The no panty leggings is truly one of the most innovative designs anyone could think of, and it has truly changed the apparel for the better!

These are the 3 wholesale athletic wear that are reigning the market right now – they are high on creativity and come with a functional side that is truly unparalleled. The children of technology, these are the ones that make your collection what it is.

Bulk order from your manufacturer today!

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Athletic Wears: How Much Athletic Is Too Much For Your Customers?

Wholesale athletic wear

Wholesale athletic wear is a must-have for every clothing business owner today. They are in high demand with the trend line only surging higher.

But let’s be blatant about this fact: They are costly.

Much superior in quality, promising unmatched comfort value with their high wicking and ventilation properties, along with premium fabric, they cost more. And it isn’t something that many consumers like.

So, while you’re purchasing your athletic or wholesale fitness apparel, it’s important to understand whether or not you have the right target audience who would want to buy this.

Do you have consumers who are into hefty fitness activities?

Or, are you simply targeting those who get involved in mild exercise and are primarily looking for comfortable lifestyle wears? In this case, how athletic should be your athletic wears?! The more “athletic”, the more would they cost, which, again, won’t necessarily be preferred by the audience you’re targeting.

So, the foremost step in the process is to actually recognize your target audience.

Who Are They?

Who are they? What kind of wears do they like? What is their budget?

Because while everyone demands high comfort from their daily staple, which fitness clothing offer in abundance, not many people like spending the big sum. As a retailer, you must identify the right spot between the price and quality that adequately fits the needs of your consumers, as well as deliver you the right profit margin.

Now, of course, unless your business is following a very niche-model, identifying the needs and demands of your target audience isn’t something easy. The wider the segments, the more diverse would their demands be.

Who To Target?

So, when you’re trying to consolidate and establish the core consumer base for your business that deserves the most of your attention, the first thing you should consider is your own interest.

Are you fine selling athletic wears? Or do you find pushing lifestyle wears to customers easier? What kind of consumers do you like communicating with?

You’re likely to sell more if you genuinely believe and like the product you’re selling.

In addition, if it’s a brick-mortar store, you must also factor your local market, which would include the competition level and the kind of consumers that live there. (For instance, if there are many gyms, fitness centers and sports academies in your city, athletic wears would definitely sell more.)

So, once you’re clear on who you really want to target, will then come the decision of what kind of wears should you wholesale.

What to wholesale?

If you’re targeting amateur sportsperson, per their needs, and whose purchasing decisions are less influenced by the price, you must definitely contact one of the best fitness clothing manufacturers and purchase superior quality athletic wears.

However, if you’re targeting the 20-something college-goers who hit gyms for moderate exercise, wholesaling a little cheaper athletic wears that have the lifestyle blend is a much better option.

In the end, understand that the high demand in a niche wouldn’t necessarily benefit you. You must recognize the opportunities that best suit your needs and goals.

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The Wholesale Athletic Apparel Brands Bring in Cute Sports Bras for 2018

New Year is officially here in a month, and we all are excited with the resolutions for 2018. But have the women fitness freaks thought how to bring in some twist to their fitness fashion closets? If you are trying to change the usual tops, tees or workout leggings, time to change the way you dress up in the sports bras. These functional bras are no more just worn for support and coverage; they also give you the extra fitness motivation by being super-hot and appealing. Gone are the days when they were worn only under the tanks and tees, and today, they have become the style statements, as women are bold enough to carry them with the shorts or leggings as modish versions of crop tops.

Here are some of the latest and cutest sports bras that will rule 2018, designed exclusively by the leading wholesale athletic apparel brands.

The chevron printed sports bras

The chevron printed sports bras are quite chic and come in different color combinations, with halter style design. These are available in both pastels and bright neons, whatever suits the wearers. The chevron designs are definitely always in trend, and incorporating them in the sporty bras is a well thought of idea by the reputed designers.

The stretch jersey sports bras

The super stretchable jersey sports bras come with strappy necklines, and a very comfortable fit. In single colors, these have the best features with active ventilation and super flexibility to lend freedom of body movement to the maximum. These bras are the perfect instance of amalgamation of fashion and functionality in right proportions.

Block Striped Stretch-Knit Sports Bras

For the winters, the Block Striped Stretch-Knit Sports Bras are brought in the market that ensures warmth and coverage to the women fitness freaks with sleek straps and a very padded feel. These come in two or three colour combinations to add some contrast and style element.

Striped Microfiber Sports Bra Tops

The Striped Microfiber Sports Bra Top look more like crop tops, in simple scoop or square neckline with wide straps. Made of microfiber fabrics that wick sweat and moisture and keep the wearers fresh and dry, these come in fashionable stripe styles in contrasting shades!

Thus, with the New Year knocking at the door, the women must get hold of the newest range of wholesale sports bras at the soonest.

How Should You Be Wearing The Voguish Tracksuits? We Will Tell You!

Overhauled by the celebs and models, the tracksuits are actually having the best moment in the world of fashion today, surpassing the activewear genre and finally entering the mainstream fashion scene. Chic, practical and appropriate, they have turned into luxury clothing items that speak of class, sportiness and charm. With sportswear and activewear becoming fully integrated haute-couture style essentials, you have to probably learn the art of looking your best and confident in the smart tracksuits. From being strictly formal at office to being blingy at parties, simple at casual errands and rocking the airport looks, you have an array of options to embrace the best silhouettes in these wholesale tracksuits.


Today, there is no more fuss about wearing the athletic clothes to casual occasions and this has made our lives easier, giving us comfortable and effortless styling options. The tailored pairs of tracksuits actually look dapper on the women and you can easily embrace them with few tricks kept in mind.


Here are some of the best ways to get clad in the designer range of polished tracksuits.


Fuse them with bling: Sequins

You don’t have to always stick to the track jacket and track pant to show off your style in the tracksuits. You can choose any one of them and still rock the idea. Going for a party in the evening? The track jacket would become too simple for evening wear and hence you have to shimmer. It is time to add the sequined turtle neck or halter neck top with a trackpant. Make sure you keep color coordination, and add the matching stilettoes, too.

Always be ready to show off skin

Have a dinner date to go for? You need to show off your sexy side by exposing some skin and being at your hottest avatar! Time to add the bright colored striped side-stripe track pant with a sporty cum fancy halter neck deep neck plunging top, and skinny strap heels. This will surprise your guy with a completely different and very offbeat look, making you the ultimate fashionista.

Brave enough for the full look

For the airport looks or even for the weekend errands, you can go for the smooth textured single, printed, or striped tracksuit, with the jacket and trouser. Add the slippers or the sneakers with this to get the pure athleisure look without compromising on your comfort level and being very effortless, too.

The fancy blouse scenes

For a super escalated sportswear ensemble for anywhere you go other than the gym, you can simply spruce up things with a fancy clothing counterpart. For this, just add the fancy skimpy top under the track jacket in complementary or matching color and look extremely fashion forward. This look can be taken anywhere, be it to parties or to casual occasions with the right footwear.

Time to let go off the logo

The drawstring attached tracksuit ensemble can be taken to office with a blazer without the logo embossed on the body. This will make you less athletic and more athleisure and add some uniqueness to your regular strict and boring office wear.

Make some effort

Add the sport accessories to the tracksuit ensemble like wrist band or the V-neck sweater or the headband, and look dapper for music festivals or even while you are off to watch any sport tournament.

Stand out in bright heels

Matching your heels with your tracksuit trousers is for the ones who prefer to get going with a simple yet a very smart and elongated silhouette. This goes best with the cropped trackpants.

So if you are the one dealing in tracksuits, outerwear or fitness fashion clothing and have plans to launch your own private label clothing line, then get in touch with a wholesale tracksuit manufacturer of repute!

Fitness Clothing Business: The Torchbearer Of The Fitness Fashion Industry

To understand the fitness clothing industry, it is important to understand the different aspects well. Here is a detailed analysis of the same.

A brief introduction

There is no doubting the fact that the fitness clothing industry has grown significantly over the last few years specifically. With more and more people flocking to join the bandwagon, sports activities have become the focal point of the fitness fashion industry. This can be noticed in the massive growth of the global market. With the projected profit margin to touch the US$231.7 billion mark by 2024, the fitness clothing business is driven by the force of health consciousness among the customers and increased participation altogether.

The market has been relying on technology-infused apparels that are aimed at enhancing the user comfort. The technical fabric is the most noteworthy innovation to have graced the circuit in the last few seasons. These fabrics can wick moisture and keep the wearer dry, promote ease, and enhances insulation.

Furthermore, the growth of prominent private label fitness apparel manufacturer has led to more retailers and business owners banking on the custom-made clothes. With the opportunity to infuse their designs and ideas with the functional clothes has promoted individuality and uniqueness in the apparels, reaching out to a wider section of the fashion-forward millennial.

All these factors combined together have contributed to the evolution of the industry.

The trends to look out for

The fitness fashion industry depends on two segments- fitness clothing and sports apparel. Each of the segments has its own target audience. While the former is for all the yoga-loving, gym-going enthusiasts, the latter banks of the athletes involved in running and jogging and all kind of sports. The juncture between fitness wear and casual wear is slowly but steadily being concealed. This could be noticed suggestively in the emergence of the athleisure trend. As more and more consumers started wearing their fitness apparels for daily use, the line disappeared, giving way to more refined trends to follow.

2018 is expected to big promoting team activities and regimes involving virtual reality. These trends combined have given a massive boost to the fitness-fashion industry.

Regional impact

The market trends have had a major impact all over the world. However, some of the geographies have seen a foremost shift in the fitness trends. USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia, China, India, and Brazil have been the major players and are expected to continue their groundbreaking journey next year as well.

Key factors to understand

  • Competition has increased significantly with big brands clashing directly with smaller names. This has been possible as the less popular brands have been selling quality products at a much lower price, getting more attention from the people.
  • Some countries have been more active in their participation than the rest of the world and this has given them a strong ground to grow on.
  • Private label business owners have made their mark on the young generation with innovative clothes to offer.
  • Shift to technology has further impressed more people. With wearable technology on the go and clothes crafted of technical fabrics, tech-relying comfort is an important aspect to be considered and will keep growing.

For all the retailers and business owners who want to make a mark on the fitness global market, register with the top manufacturers and launch your private label athletic apparel. With high-profit margin, this is a fail-safe formula. As people become more conscious about their unhealthy lifestyle and make a shift to the healthy way of living, fitness industry will bear the torch for the rest to follow.

Smart Fitness Clothing Market is Growing (But People Don’t Care About It)

While what once was something fancy and ideal only for elites, smart fitness clothing is significantly rising in popularity. In the past two years, in particular, its market growth has been tremendous, thanks to the endorsements from top athletes and celebrities.

According to a report, smart clothing market is forecasted to cross USD500 million mark by the end of 2022.

Wholesale Activewear Manufacturer

Many benefits of Smart Activewear

Undoubtedly, smart wears pack marvel in abundance. They are a big leap towards the future in wearable technology that promises to make workout sessions much easier and rewarding. From heart rate sensor and UV protection to haptic vibration and app integration, they ooze cutting-edge from every angle, promising a wholesome experience to the athletes and fitness buffs.

However, all been said and praised, one must address the elephant in the room. Do the regular consumers really care about these apparels?

This question is even more important for clothing business owners who always find themselves in a mix of confusion whenever market shifts—should they wholesale according to the latest trend?

High Price is the Red Flag-Bearer

The technology is still in the development phase and is not as efficient and convenient as makers want it to be. However, the true red flag-bearer of smart apparels is their high price that’s stopping them to embark the mainstream path.

Yes, even after big claims from top brands of “low price”, smart Activewear cost high that isn’t appealing to the regular consumers who are serious about their fitness but aren’t up for extravagant expense. Some of these modern wears fall way out consumers’ budget.

The Regular wears are just as good

Minus the tech integration, the regular fitness clothing is just as flattering in terms of quality and appearance, if not more. Top activewear wholesale manufacturer make use of advanced dri-fit fabric material that offers high wicking, ventilation and temperature regulating properties. The tops, bottoms and outwears are light in weight and have easy stretch that renders comfortable fitting. Plus, coming in many casual and vibrant varieties, they look uber stylish, in sync with the latest fashion trends.

In short, majority of fitness enthusiasts have no to very few reasons as to why give up their already high-performance wears for something that costs too high.

Yes, smart clothes are great. But majority of people still don’t care about it.

So if you’re a clothing business owner, with exception to few of the target audience, you’re better off contacting the regular (and reputed) private label fitness clothing manufacturer.

The Rising Trend Of Smart Fitness Clothing – Should You Wholesale It?

Weeks back Apple launched its latest iPhone X that took ‘Smart’ in ‘Smartphone’ to a whole different level. But it’s not the only company that’s taking leaps to future. Other brands of other industries too are striding fast to transform the world into a smart being. Apparel industry is a top name in that list.

Smart Fitness Clothing

When everyone is in a mix to get fit and live healthy, many brands have emerged on the scene to further sway this trend to new heights. Result? The heroic rise of smart fitness clothing that many are already crediting as the ‘future of wearables’. Vouching to complement workout sessions, making exercising more efficient and rewarding, these advanced wears tout cutting-edge features like heart rate sensor, haptic vibration, UV protection, waterproof sensors, and app integration. To that, aside being tech-rich, the smart tops and bottoms brings ultra-comfort factor on the table, assuring wearers of an over-the-top experience.

Wholesale Gym Clothing

But… Should You Really Wholesale Gym Clothing that’s Smart?

With every new market shifts and trends, the onus comes on the small business owners. Should they be a part of this ‘latest’? Is the investment worthy? Or is it just another fad?

While big fitness brands are going all-guns blazing to innovate their apparel collection, the confusion is quite high among the distributors and retailers whether or not should they bulk wholesale yoga clothing and other fitness wears that are Smart. After all, as cool and beneficial they are, everything comes on a hefty price.

Do you own a clothing business?

Should you wholesale smart fitness wears?

It depends. A host of factor needs to be considered when ruling in or out the latest trend in the fitness apparel industry. As a futurist and market leader who likes to outdo competitors every time— yes, packing smart wears makes sense. But when limited in your budget, it’s crucial you spend time in understanding the different facets of your investment. Like…

Who are your customers? Who are you targeting? What is their budget? Are they open to try these advanced wears? How much is your revenue from customer retention? How bulking smart activewear will affect your short-term revenue flow? What is your long-term goal?

Having definite answers to these questions is very important before making any decision.
Remember, even if you aren’t planning to wholesale the smart wears, there exist just as good and high-performing regular wholesale gym clothing at affordable price range. All you need do is contact the right Fitness Clothing Manufacturer.