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Here’s Why Activewear Is Here To Stay

Activewear is simply clothing meant for exercising but it has still managed to become the latest fad in the fashion industry by bridging the gap between sportswear and casual fashion wear. It's rising popularity can be gauged from the fact that in the past couple of y...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : July 17, 2019 Comments : 0 Comments
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athletic apparel wholesale suppliers

Athletic Wears: How Much Athletic Is Too Much For Your Customers?

Wholesale athletic wear is a must-have for every clothing business owner today. They are in high demand with the trend line only surging higher. B...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : April 29, 2019 Comments : 0 Comments
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wholesale athletic clothing trends

Watch Out For The Edgy Wholesale Athletic Clothing Trends In 2019

No matter how focused you are at working out to get closer to your body goals, you cannot deny that love for fitness fashion is also something that pushes your everyday forward. We, thankfully, workout wear has come a long way, and we millennials are quite lucky to de...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : January 19, 2019 Comments : 0 Comments
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100 years of Workout Clothes: Changes and the Piece you can’t do Without

Have you ever heard of the proverb that with time everything changes! Reflecting its truth, fashion has not been exclusive of this saying and has changed significantly, especially in the fitness fashion department. If you thought that fitness was something new, you were wrong. Some form of exercise ...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : July 14, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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3 Fitness Inspired Fashion Clothes to Invest in this Spring that are Perennially Sexy!

It came like breathe of innovation and comfort in our ever so busy lives. Confused? The juxtaposition of the fitness and fashion industry! In order to accommodate the important aspects of our lives-function with style, practical clothes were designed by stylists at the top echelon of the fashion cir...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : March 11, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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