Trends That Are Future Of The Sports Luxe Clothing Scene

The modern crop of customers want more options in the premium fitness fashion clothing scene. The athleisure trend has earned the cult classic status since its inception back in 2013. In fact one of the popular private label activewear manufacturers are coming up with new variants that are designed keeping in mind the demands of the people.

Hence, we can safely assume the modern athleisure clothing is nothing like its past collections. These are bigger and better and are definitely here to stay to bask in the spotlight of style and comfort. Therefore, read on to know more about the upcoming trends.

The Luxury Athleisure

Sports-luxe is the key word we all need to look out for in the fashion scene. Workout clothing pieces has moved up the ladder and has earned the status of luxury simply for the demand for premium and quality clothing pieces.

Therefore, chances are that you can find leggings with the signature channel logo or even the Burberry trademarked plaid print.

Beyond Sportswear

The modern athleisure clothing is Versatile with a capital V. You need sashay around the Pilates class in your favorite blush pink leggings. You combine it with your favorite lace crop top and sway to your favorite tunes at the club. These are super comfortable and perfect for nailing the athleisure look without trying too hard. For the shoes, you can stick to something like a statement dad sneaker to complete the look.

The Collaboration

Denim and athleiusre are the new buddies in the fashion scene that we need to lookout for. To lend a street wear edge to the sports clothing pieces manufacturers have come up with jackets that are made of a polyester and denim blend. These are perfect for those days in the fall-winter season when you want to dress up in effortless clothing pieces.

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