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Feminism as a Way of Living has Completely Taken over the Fitness Fashion World

Fashion has always been quite vocal about the ongoing political scenarios, the ideologies that run the world, and taking up the socially important causes. With feminism gaining a lot of attention and importance these days, achieving equal political, social, and economic rights for women has become t...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : June 12, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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The Craze of Designs and Prints for Custom Fitness Apparel to Remember

The fashion retailers, who are thinking of great customised activewear from the wholesale clothing hubs, must now think out of the box ideas to make them more enticing for the customers. The trend of fitness clothing pieces is increasing with time and the fitness addicts are making it a point to wea...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : May 26, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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3 Rules to Remember when Tonal Dressing Athletic Wear

When it comes to dressing for the gym, most of us prefer to keep it simple. Some of us are not fans of quirky patterns. Single shade represented on the apparels is something that most of us like and prefer. In fashion terms, it is called tonal dressing. But just slipping into same textured clothes c...

Posted By : Fitness Guy On : May 19, 2017 Comments : 0 Comments
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