The Trends of Activewear Market Growth that the World of Fashion is Majorly Witnessing

It seems that the athleisure bubble won’t burst anytime soon and the fitness clothing market is rising to greater heights. The sudden upsurge of the athletic style trends has been possible due to the growth of people getting more fitness and health conscious with time. While athleisure’s demand continues to grow, the sports and workout clothing brands are also increasing in number, giving way to newest style trends every day. According to the statistics introduced by the experts, the global sports and gym clothing market is expected to garner $184.6 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 4.3% during the forecast period 2015 – 2020.

Now these days, apart from only wearing the gym clothes to the workout classes, or for other outdoor activities, the fitness clothes are also worn for casual occasions. This proves that the blooming athleisure trend is also surfacing in the global fashion scene and the athleisure sector has seen a huge increase of 42% over the last seven years. It is also predicted to grow another 30% by 2020, especially in Asia and the US.

If you are wondering on the recent trends of the activewear and athleisure market these days, here are some of the instances that prove its growing popularity.

The Sportswear Brands are Still Topping the List

Due to the superb growth of the activewear market in the last few years, the sports clothing and activewear brands are still topping the list. From double to triple digit growth, the instead of the luxury fashion companies, there has been a subsequent rise of the activewear brands that offer the most hip and happening athletic clothes to the fitness conscious crowd, and athleisure lovers.

The Non-Traditional Brands have Emerged in Large Number

Apart from the traditional and purely sports clothing and activewear brands, the luxury brands have also opened their private labels in gym clothing and introduced their line of fitness clothing and athleisure separately. Today, the amount of sportswear stocked at non-traditional retailers has increased 87 percent. This has been possible due to the high end productions by the wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers.

The Market of Denims is facing a Setback

Due to the sudden urge to wear comfortable athletic pieces like leggings to every casual occasion by women, the denim market is facing some serious setback. This is a reason to worry for the denim clothing companies, and hence proves how people are in love with the athleisure trend to the core.

The Sports Crop Tops are Witnessing Growth

Activewear crop tops have steadily increased in popularity, growing 112 percent from Q3 2014 to Q3 2017. This also throws light on how women are inclined towards the sporty crop tops made of synthetic fabrics and mesh materials.

The Sports Accessories are very much in Supply

The research also shows that the sports and gym accessories crafted by the wholesalers are supplied in large number to the retail stores and to the private label workout clothing brands for their ultimate craze. Needless to say, the retailers have increased their accessories category by 28 percent.

Leggings will keep taking a Spike

The leggings have been in craze, growing 198 percent from 2014 to the 2017, and hence this also shows how the women are loving them for all occasions, from gym to office. According to the market report, there has been an average of 160 percent increase in full-price sellouts in the past two years. In the coming months, the figures will go up.