Smart Fitness Clothing Market is Growing (But People Don’t Care About It)

While what once was something fancy and ideal only for elites, smart fitness clothing is significantly rising in popularity. In the past two years, in particular, its market growth has been tremendous, thanks to the endorsements from top athletes and celebrities.

According to a report, smart clothing market is forecasted to cross USD500 million mark by the end of 2022.

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Many benefits of Smart Activewear

Undoubtedly, smart wears pack marvel in abundance. They are a big leap towards the future in wearable technology that promises to make workout sessions much easier and rewarding. From heart rate sensor and UV protection to haptic vibration and app integration, they ooze cutting-edge from every angle, promising a wholesome experience to the athletes and fitness buffs.

However, all been said and praised, one must address the elephant in the room. Do the regular consumers really care about these apparels?

This question is even more important for clothing business owners who always find themselves in a mix of confusion whenever market shifts—should they wholesale according to the latest trend?

High Price is the Red Flag-Bearer

The technology is still in the development phase and is not as efficient and convenient as makers want it to be. However, the true red flag-bearer of smart apparels is their high price that’s stopping them to embark the mainstream path.

Yes, even after big claims from top brands of “low price”, smart Activewear cost high that isn’t appealing to the regular consumers who are serious about their fitness but aren’t up for extravagant expense. Some of these modern wears fall way out consumers’ budget.

The Regular wears are just as good

Minus the tech integration, the regular fitness clothing is just as flattering in terms of quality and appearance, if not more. Top activewear wholesale manufacturer make use of advanced dri-fit fabric material that offers high wicking, ventilation and temperature regulating properties. The tops, bottoms and outwears are light in weight and have easy stretch that renders comfortable fitting. Plus, coming in many casual and vibrant varieties, they look uber stylish, in sync with the latest fashion trends.

In short, majority of fitness enthusiasts have no to very few reasons as to why give up their already high-performance wears for something that costs too high.

Yes, smart clothes are great. But majority of people still don’t care about it.

So if you’re a clothing business owner, with exception to few of the target audience, you’re better off contacting the regular (and reputed) private label fitness clothing manufacturer.

The Trends of Activewear Market Growth that the World of Fashion is Majorly Witnessing

It seems that the athleisure bubble won’t burst anytime soon and the fitness clothing market is rising to greater heights. The sudden upsurge of the athletic style trends has been possible due to the growth of people getting more fitness and health conscious with time. While athleisure’s demand continues to grow, the sports and workout clothing brands are also increasing in number, giving way to newest style trends every day. According to the statistics introduced by the experts, the global sports and gym clothing market is expected to garner $184.6 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 4.3% during the forecast period 2015 – 2020.

Now these days, apart from only wearing the gym clothes to the workout classes, or for other outdoor activities, the fitness clothes are also worn for casual occasions. This proves that the blooming athleisure trend is also surfacing in the global fashion scene and the athleisure sector has seen a huge increase of 42% over the last seven years. It is also predicted to grow another 30% by 2020, especially in Asia and the US.

If you are wondering on the recent trends of the activewear and athleisure market these days, here are some of the instances that prove its growing popularity.

The Sportswear Brands are Still Topping the List

Due to the superb growth of the activewear market in the last few years, the sports clothing and activewear brands are still topping the list. From double to triple digit growth, the instead of the luxury fashion companies, there has been a subsequent rise of the activewear brands that offer the most hip and happening athletic clothes to the fitness conscious crowd, and athleisure lovers.

The Non-Traditional Brands have Emerged in Large Number

Apart from the traditional and purely sports clothing and activewear brands, the luxury brands have also opened their private labels in gym clothing and introduced their line of fitness clothing and athleisure separately. Today, the amount of sportswear stocked at non-traditional retailers has increased 87 percent. This has been possible due to the high end productions by the wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers.

The Market of Denims is facing a Setback

Due to the sudden urge to wear comfortable athletic pieces like leggings to every casual occasion by women, the denim market is facing some serious setback. This is a reason to worry for the denim clothing companies, and hence proves how people are in love with the athleisure trend to the core.

The Sports Crop Tops are Witnessing Growth

Activewear crop tops have steadily increased in popularity, growing 112 percent from Q3 2014 to Q3 2017. This also throws light on how women are inclined towards the sporty crop tops made of synthetic fabrics and mesh materials.

The Sports Accessories are very much in Supply

The research also shows that the sports and gym accessories crafted by the wholesalers are supplied in large number to the retail stores and to the private label workout clothing brands for their ultimate craze. Needless to say, the retailers have increased their accessories category by 28 percent.

Leggings will keep taking a Spike

The leggings have been in craze, growing 198 percent from 2014 to the 2017, and hence this also shows how the women are loving them for all occasions, from gym to office. According to the market report, there has been an average of 160 percent increase in full-price sellouts in the past two years. In the coming months, the figures will go up.

The Sudden Upsurge of Private Label Yoga Clothing Brands in Clothing Industry

Today, the world of fashion is becoming more dynamic, and witnessing constant transformations. These rapid changes have opened multiple new doors and avenues for the retailers, manufacturers, and also the fashion conscious crowd. The new entrants in the clothing industry in the form of fresh style statements, clothes or accessories have defined the way someone dresses up, and have definitely enhanced the wish to look good and different for style lovers.

Have you noticed the sudden boost of the yoga clothing brands? Well, there was a time when the clothing brands itself has different and separate sections for yoga and activewear pieces. Things have drastically changed these days, and the private label brands have been launched that specialize in yoga clothes and accessories, only.

Private Label Yoga Clothing Manufacturers

Here are some of the reasons that form the basis of this upsurge of private label yoga clothing brands.

The Obvious Factor of being Fitness Conscious

Recently, there has been a gym and yoga going trend felt amongst people, and with modernization, they have become more health conscious. Men and women look forward to get the desirable bodies, and this has pushed them to hit the gym or the yoga classes. Now, your fitness sessions are not complete without the right attire that complements all your workouts, making you feel comfortable and at ease. Hence, today, the demand felt for the yoga clothes have witnessed a high rise, and men and women are loving the yoga selfies posted on the social media profiles, wearing he most fashionable yoga activewear pieces. Thus, to feel convenient while working out or click selfies at the yoga class mirror, you have to wear the best clothes. This has urged the private label clothing yoga brands to mushroom in the market.

The Rise of Athleisure

Today, apart from wearing the yoga clothes solely for the purpose of stretching and working out the trend of athleisure has boosted the requirement of activewear pieces in the fashion world. This opportunity is largely felt by the private label clothing brands, who have banked on the best private label yoga clothing manufacturers, and notched up their stocks double the meter. Not only the fitness lovers, the athleisure trends is also loved and embraced by the people who are not workout addicts. This proves how the fashionable men and women love to wear the athletic yoga clothing pieces in everyday life, be it to parties, or to office.

The Celebs always Inspire

The celebs always have been inspiring the people in the realm of fashion, and this way, the yoga clothing are have also gained momentum. These celebs get papped in the post or pre yoga sessions in the most hip and happening clothes, and also try out athleisure for different occasions, This has pushed the men and women to try the best yoga outfits for yoga sessions, instead of wearing anything that lays around.

The Fusion of Fashion and Functionality

The fashion aficionados have felt the urge to follow the fusion of style and comfort today. Hence they don’t mind wearing the yoga clothes to anywhere they head to. These clothes are highly comfortable, and also lend them a different style appeal. This way, the craze of these clothes have enhanced in the last few years, forcing the private label yoga clothing brands to come up.

A Complete Guide to Finding the Right Manufacturer for your Clothing Business

Before you start about and read this article with the hope of expanding your business, there are certain concepts which you must understand properly.

First, there are different types of business models that exist in the clothing industry, or for that matter, any industry which is related to providing customers with goods.

► A Manufacturer produces a product. They have ideas and utilize the same to create products.

► A Supplier, who is also a manufacturer, yet can include products from other brands as well. They distribute the products.

► A Dropshipper essentially distributes products on behalf of the retailers, promoting both the brands simultaneously.

Since, the main focus of the article is about finding the right manufacturer, here is taking a look at the entire concept of a manufacturer.

Clothing Manufacturers USA, Canada, Australia

There are Basically two types of manufacturers…

► The Domestic Manufacturer is the one who works within the domestic boundary of a country and produces clothes for the retailers all over the country. The biggest advantages of such manufacturers are they provide high-quality clothes and have pretty flexible labor standards. It is also easy to communicate with them and visit them as and when required. Furthermore, you can easily get to know about their status in the industry.

► The Overseas Manufacturer is the one who supplies products all over the world, beyond the geographical boundary of the country. Unlike the domestic manufacturer, the international ones charge higher cost as shipping fares have to be included as well. There might be a gap in communication and can create quite a difficult situation for the retailers.

Now the choice here lies in the following things:
► Convenience
► Communication
► Cost
► Varieties
► Reputation

Thus, you need to weigh in the above points of the manufacturers and cut it short between whether you want international clothing manufacturers or domestic ones. Once you have made a choice, you can go on with the process of registering with them, making the purchase of the clothes in bulk and paying them the price demanded.

But the true question here lies- where do you find all the Domestic and Overseas Manufacturers?

Well, to find the best, you have to do your research well. If you want to edge your competitors and expand your business, these are the places you can rely on to find a good manufacturer.


The place where you find the profiles of manufacturers along with their products listed in categories. This can help you to pick the one that closely resembles the clothing piece you sell, for instance, if you sell women clothing, find a manufacturer who specializes in.


The most trusted partner you will get in the industry. Google gives you a list of manufacturers and the search might go on for pages. Make sure to check the later pages and pick the one according to your requirement, again!

Thus, it can be concluded by saying that picking a manufacturer is a mammoth task that requires you to be on your feet all the time. You have to keep your eyes and ears open in order to make a choice that is wise. A good manufacturer will provide you with the best quality clothes and will not charge unruly amounts.

With so many options available, it is feasibly possible to find your ideal clothing manufacturers. You just need to look harder.

3 Reasons Why You Started an Active wear Business and 3 ways to Grow It

Have you recently joined the club which proudly boasts of all the retailers involved in the activewear business? If you have, then this article is a must-read for you.

Highlighting the reasons that motivated you to start and focusing on ways you can reach new horizons, here is understanding them in a glance.

Why You Started…


#You found the Right Manufacturer

You might have the idea culminating in your head, but nothing can be materialized, especially in the fitness clothing industry until you have a trustworthy manufacturer to provide you with the apparels. Since you are in a business where much of it depends on the clients, impressing them is a priority. With the best fitness-fashion clothing manufacturers USA, you can be assured of the quality of the clothes, and since they are mindful of the latest trends in the industry, the clothes are in sync with them. So be it fashion or comfort, having the manufacturer provide you support is the first milestone you needed to reach.

Clothing manufacturer USA

#You had Finances

Another reason that supported seamless setting up of your business was having enough money! The world that is primarily controlled by money, without having that in your bank, nothing would have been that easy. A certain amount of investment is required to set up the business. You have to pay the manufacturers for acquiring clothes, officials for trade license, rent a warehouse to store your products and also employ people (at least a few) because you can’t do everything all by yourself. Thus, without financial backing, all of this would seem just futile.

#You have Technological Know-How

We live in a world where technology forms the backbone of the society. Online shopping has reached its epitome and success seems instant with the correct technological backing. To promote your business on social media and have an online store for the customers to view the products, you must have some knowledge about the online world. Being technologically handicapped can limit your work and slow your success. Thus, without knowledge of how to promote your business online, you won’t really be able to steer the ship.

And to Expand…


#You need to have a Plan

A plan to move forward! Starting a business and making it reach the pinnacle of success are two completely different things. Many startups in the activewear industry fail because of this one simple reason- not having a clear plan. You should know where to advertise your products, who your target audience is and how to reach out to them. You need to register with more than just one manufacturer so as to reduce the risk of running out of trendy clothes. So a plan, no matter how clichéd it sounds, is what will help you grow.

#Keep your Eyes and Ears Open

The fitness-fashion industry is at its best now and everyone is competing against each other to come out at the top. There are hundreds of other brands, some even popular, who are in your direct competition. And give n the dynamic nature of the fashion circuit, trends change faster than seasons. So be on a lookout constantly. Be mindful of any change occurring in the market, or if any of your opponents has introduced a new product. This way you can always be a step ahead of the rest, or at least be on the same page as others.

#Learn about the Market

Since you are already a part of this gigantic industry, it is pretty much expected of you to know about the market and the condition it is in. right at this moment, the sale from activewear industry has increased by a 6%, higher than that of the other complementary markets like regular clothes, footwear and accessories. Athleisure has been a contributing factor and many such inclinations towards casual-sporty clothing can be noticed in the market. Research the condition and understand the tendencies well before making any big move in the future.

Thus, it can be concluded that the activewear industry is a sure formula for success. It doesn’t come easy and to reach to the top, you will have to work hard, maybe harder than ever. But unravelling the mystery of the success formula can help you expand your venture, with some ease.

If you are on a lookout for trendy athletic clothes, then look no further for top clothing manufacturers USA is offering the best and exclusive apparels. Available for both men and women, special discounts are levied on making a bulk purchase. So register today!

5 Sure Signs Your Private Label Apparel Brand is Going to Fail

With such big hopes you launched your own private label apparel business. Few months forward, you now realize things aren’t working out as planned. You’re struggling to make decent return—let alone million dollars you always dreamed of.

‘Rushing to Make Poor Choices’

Clothing industry is going through a different phase today, with more and more sellers deciding to sell under their own brand names. With customers looking for fresh varieties in their apparels and low market competition, this trend is surging high by every passing day.

To bank on this opportunity, thousands are rushing on the scene with no adequate strategy and business plan. Result: while this game has a lot of potential, many players are struggling to survive.

Private Label Manufacturers Los Angeles

Are you one of these players?
Here are 5 sure signs that your private apparel brand is going to fail—and what you can do to save it:

You’re not Investing in Marketing

This is one of the biggest mistakes that rookies make—not really investing in the marketing of their brand. Just because you exist doesn’t mean customers are going to buy from you. You need to make an outreach attempt and communicate with your target audience. You must invest energy and money into building your brand recognition and goodwill that potential customers trust and love to buy.

Solution: Leverage social media platforms and ace your Search Engine Optimization game. Take a personalized approach where you’re not trying to sell your clothing but build a lasting relationship with your audience.

You don’t have a Decent Pricing Strategy

There’s much more to pricing than what is evident on the front. If you’re selling your products at a fixed price after undertaking just your profit margin, you have no idea the number of potential customers you’re sighing away from who would have bought from you if only your pricing was a bit flexible and have a psychological impact.

Solution: Segment your target audience, estimate their purchasing power and offer them your apparels at different prices. Offer “limited time period discounts”; it gives customers a sense of urgency to buy your products. Offer additional discounts to your repeated buyers.

You’re (blindly) Following your Competitors

Learning from your competitors is the simplest and cost-effective ways to improve yourself. However, the pitfall here is that what they do might not necessarily be suited to your individual needs and goals. It’s fatal that you’re following each of them strategies, step by step, with no second thought.

Solution: Identify few SUCCESSFUL competitors who share the same vision, mantra and goals as you. Take time to understand what they are doing, why they are doing and how they are doing. Then tweak their planning and strategies with your own personal touch. Know exactly, whatever you’re doing, how it’s going to help your sale.

You don’t have a Right Manufacturer by your Side

Market as much as you want but if you don’t have a good, high-quality collection in your stock, you’re going to stay right where you started. There are too many private label manufacturers Los Angeles based. A mistake that many make is doing business with any manufacturer without thinking it through—without considering their collection type and other important details. The cost of this carelessness is big.

Solution: You must take time in screening different private label manufacturers before finalizing on any one. Check and see if you’re stuck with the wrong wholesale dealer—factor the quality of their collection, do they offer you additional assistance, and more. If things don’t feel right, look for another manufacturer.

You are not Personalizing your Wholesale Stock Properly

In the name of following latest fashion or fitness trends, some business owners stock and sell basically the same varieties of private apparels that everyone is selling. They don’t really make use of customization option their manufacturers offer. Theirs is a same variety of apparel collection with just a different brand name—no exclusivity. Why would customers buy from them if they can get it from others?

Solution: Take time to personalize your wholesale collection. Understand the market trends and what your target audience. And then add to it flair of your own personal touch that differs your collection in the crowd with grand fashion.

These are 5 warning signs that your private label apparel brand is about to fail and how you can save it. Now you know, go ahead and fix loopholes. Be smart and strategic in your approach and enjoy seamless success in a promising market.