Smart Fitness Clothing Market is Growing (But People Don’t Care About It)

While what once was something fancy and ideal only for elites, smart fitness clothing is significantly rising in popularity. In the past two years, in particular, its market growth has been tremendous, thanks to the endorsements from top athletes and celebrities.

According to a report, smart clothing market is forecasted to cross USD500 million mark by the end of 2022.

Many benefits of Smart Activewear

Undoubtedly, smart wears pack marvel in abundance. They are a big leap towards the future in wearable technology that promises to make workout sessions much easier and rewarding. From heart rate sensor and UV protection to haptic vibration and app integration, they ooze cutting-edge from every angle, promising a wholesome experience to the athletes and fitness buffs.

However, all been said and praised, one must address the elephant in the room. Do the regular consumers really care about these apparels?

This question is even more important for clothing business owners who always find themselves in a mix of confusion whenever market shifts—should they wholesale according to the latest trend?

High Price is the Red Flag-Bearer

The technology is still in the development phase and is not as efficient and convenient as makers want it to be. However, the true red flag-bearer of smart apparels is their high price that’s stopping them to embark the mainstream path.

Yes, even after big claims from top brands of “low price”, smart Activewear cost high that isn’t appealing to the regular consumers who are serious about their fitness but aren’t up for extravagant expense. Some of these modern wears fall way out consumers’ budget.

The Regular wears are just as good

Minus the tech integration, the regular fitness clothing is just as flattering in terms of quality and appearance, if not more. Top activewear wholesale manufacturer make use of advanced dri-fit fabric material that offers high wicking, ventilation and temperature regulating properties. The tops, bottoms and outwears are light in weight and have easy stretch that renders comfortable fitting. Plus, coming in many casual and vibrant varieties, they look uber stylish, in sync with the latest fashion trends.

In short, majority of fitness enthusiasts have no to very few reasons as to why give up their already high-performance wears for something that costs too high.

Yes, smart clothes are great. But majority of people still don’t care about it.

So if you’re a clothing business owner, with exception to few of the target audience, you’re better off contacting the regular (and reputed) private label fitness clothing manufacturer.