5 Types Of Gym Essentials That Men Should Invest In

Gymming has emerged to be one of the most desired activities in today’s time. In an era where everyone has an innate desire to be fit and healthy, the purpose of workout is to help a person achieve their desired fitness goals. In fact, it becomes all the more important to put greater emphasis on gym clothes and accessories as these have an important role to play for doing a proper workout. Believe it or not, the clothes you wear has a huge impact on your workout. If you wear ugly fitting gym clothes, chances are that in wont help you train properly, or you won’t feel like going to the gym itself. Hence, read through the blog to find out the type of gym clothing you should invest in for a proper workout routine.

Sweat resistant shirt

The importance of sweat-resistant shirt in the gym can never be under-estimated. These keep you fresh for a longer time and thus you feel energetic too. The market today offers a large variety in case of the type of gym shirts you want to purchase. The most appropriate ones are the artificial fabrics like polyester, nylon and lycra, etc. Mind you, don’t get carried away by the comfort level of fabrics like cotton or silk as these will cause discomfort and the formation of mildew as the sweat is not evaporated from the body.

Breathable shorts

Shorts play a major role in keeping the body safe. As a gym wear, shorts should not weigh you down, in fact it should let you do your exercise freely. The type of fabric material that you choose for the shorts is an important factor regarding the comfort it can provide you during the workout. In this case, shorts with compression ability is the best as it helps to regulate blood in the muscles thereby reducing swelling and inflammation.

Performance socks

Nothing can be more embarrassing or frustrating for a gym goer than a sticky, smelly feet. It is important to choose socks made of a breathable fabric so that the sweat gets evaporated and your feet does not feel wet as this can cause freak accidents to. Socks made with a cotton/polyester blend is best in this case, as these feels comfortable on the skin and can help you pass the intensive workout as well.

Training shoes

Gym wear wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of proper training shoes. This is one such item that will be used up the most. Hence you have to choose the footwear according to the workout that you’ll be doing. If your training regime involves a lot of outdoor activities and running, then it will be good to opt for sneakers. Similarly, if you spent your workout hours in the gym then a trainer will be most helpful.

Therefore, get in touch with one of the best manufacturers of blank gym wear wholesale and browse through the fitness wear collection that they have in store. Select the required products and stet the bulk needs to the help team.

6 Wholesale Workout Clothes that People Don’t Consider But Are Important!

Workout clothes are everywhere now with people going completely gaga over it because of current trends, but there are a few items that fall well within the category and are not considered so. So, in order to clear the air about it and let consumers know more, this blog has listed workout clothes that are not reflected as part of the brethren. Here’s a look at what made it below; be ready to be surprised –

1.Gym Bags

Ok, it isn’t something you wear on some part, but it is definitely a part of workout wear. Take a look into the catalogs of any large scale manufacturer and you will know the difference. Listed under workout clothes, these bags are a lifesaver. They are spacious and hold on plenty including heavy weight items like water bottles, gym towels, and gym sneakers. A partner for every gym goer, these bags make the experience far more enjoyable and you can just stuff in all the things you need in them and set out on your journey! So, the next time you see someone telling you that these bags do not belong with sports clothing – tell them it serves a lot of purpose!

2.Fitness Underwear

When someone hears wholesale workout clothes, more often than not, they do not imagine about fitness underwear – however, this item is one of the most important things for male strength trainers who might otherwise suffer serious injuries. Different from regular underwear, it has a broader elasticated band that offers more support and keeps men from pulling their groin or any other strength training injuries. It is enthralling how it is not considered at the very top of fitness wear and is rather thought of as an accessory.

3.Joint Padding

Not considering this a workout cloth is a sin because this item does its best to protect your hinges from succumbing to extreme levels of pressure, thus enabling you to be in a workout environment for a longer and much safer period of time. Joint padding can come in all shapes and sizes, from ones to wear with Velcro attachments and the others to slip in with elasticated free size texture. Whatever be the case, it is very important to be categorized as part of the fitness wear collection, so that people become more aware of the right kind of accessories.


Not all swimwear is to flaunt summer bodies on the beach, some are meant to actually swim professionally and have relatively low water drag with lot of water resistance. While these are still considered clothing, it is not categorized with workouts. This is a travesty because swimming is one of the best endurance and cardio alternatives that anyone can do and it is also considered one of the biggest rehabilitators of joint and muscle pain, after a rigorous session of strength training.

5.Dance Clothing

An extremely profound method of aerobic exercise, high intensity dances are a very good way for people to get their heart rate up and running for good. However, when talking of workout clothing, it isn’t considered as a part of workout clothes like joggers and hoodies are. Manufacturers beg to differ on this and if one were to take a look at the catalogs of top workout clothing manufacturers, they would pleasantly find out dance clothing as part of the same crowd. When experts and producers think it’s a part of it, why can other people not?

6.Sports Bra

Considered more of sports inner-wear than workout wear, this apparel should now be listed with the latter. After development of technology, the sports bra has now become the workout top for many. Offering maximum support and full coverage, it is liberating to sweat it out in and many have made it their go-to choice. When gyms are filling up with women working out in sports bra, why should it be inner wear anymore?

All of the above listed clothes are top of the line in enhancing performance and making a difference in various kinds of exercises. And yet, they are scooped off into multiple categories rather than being integrated into sportswear in general. However, for the learned, these will obviously be an indispensable part of modern fitness wear and not fitness accessories.

5 Things That Everyone Can Learn from The Fitness Trends in China

China has been a leading force in the world for decades now. It has been influencing the world largely. Aiming at global growth and presence, the fitness industry in China has much to teach. Though it is not immune to the massive global surge of interest in active lifestyles, there has been a recent spike in interest in China that has led to the Chinese brands becoming a motivating factor for the rest. Here are a few things that the fitness industry can learn from the Chinese counterparts.

5 Things That Everyone Can Learn from The Fitness Trends in China

  • In a glance, the annual growth of the Chinese fitness industry has been 11.8% since 2011, one of the highest in the world. It generates a revenue of approximately $6 billion in a year. Though the US revenue is way higher at $30 billion, the growth rate is only 2.5%, which is puny when compared to the Chinese one.
  • The Chinese government backs the growth of the fitness industry and has introduced five-year fitness plans to attain the goal of generating a revenue of $225 billion by the end of 2020. The Chinese believe to continue this fitness fever and imbibe the habit in the young ones. A 3-year fitness curriculum has also been introduced by the Chinese Education Ministry.
  • The Chinese take fitness as an all-out form of life. For them, it is a part of their lifestyle. While most of the young millennial in China has undertaken the modern fitness regimes, the traditional Chinese fitness regime, Tai Chi, is still quite popular in the cities, especially amongst the old practitioners. Subscription to the gym has increased by 30% and more people seem to be participating in yoga, but the true Chinese quality of fitness comes in combining the old and the new.
  • China has always been open to technological advancement and it can be seen being applied to various sectors of life. However, the recent development in the fitness industry observes the introduction of virtual reality. VR has been smartly incorporated with the fitness regimes to give the practitioners a better and more enhanced experience. The same amount of physical exercise is undertaken- they move, jump, squat, bend and twist- but with the assistance of the virtual reality world. This has made fitness sessions fun.
  • The Chinese fitness-fashion industry has been primarily driven by the need to satisfy the customers. Rather, it can be put that the Chinese fitness-fashion industry has been catering the needs of the Chinese people at large. Crafting clothes that suit the weather and the body type of the people has been the primary motive of the top fitness clothing manufacturer China-based. Using technical fabrics that can wick moisture as well as provide warmth, the clothes are the epitome of comfort and ease. T-shirts, leggings, sports bras, and shorts are the most popular pieces amongst the Chinese fitness enthusiasts.Thus, the clothes are fashionable and functional, much to the delight of the Chinese people. They crave for perfection and it can be easily noticed in their fitness trends. Be it regimes or clothes, everything is aimed at becoming ubiquitous. The Chinese blueprint of the fitness (and fashion) industry is a deriving factor for the rest of the world. Everyone can learn something from the clothing manufacturer China-based.

3 Manufacturing Trends Of The Fitness Industry That Will Change The Game in 2018

The world has shifted into a digital make piece. The transition can be witnessed in all aspects of life; however, the fitness industry seems to be integrating it the most. From the technology that can be worn during the workout regime to the blessing of the virtual reality, there are much of the trend that can be noticed. Manufacturers are giving their best to come up with such trends which will surely change the face of the fitness industry. Here is taking a close look at three such trends that you should be mindful about.

Fitted Clothes Will Become a Key Player

As the industry becomes more and more complex and the clothes move towards a certain intricacy, fit of the apparels will become a key player. No more of the loose t-shirts and hanging pants, body-enhancing apparels will take over. The concept of oversized fitness clothes will slowly but steadily wipe off of the industry. The top wholesale activewear manufacturer is solely dedicated to designing clothes that will retort to the perfect body shape of the customers. 2018 will be all about fit and flare.


Virtual Reality Will Take Over

The world is shifting towards a different trend already, and it is happening in all the spheres. So fitness industry could not stay behind and manufacturers did their best to include it in their list of game-changing developments. Virtual reality- yes, the world away from the reality is going to become an integral part of the fitness industry. With the headsets on and connected to the television sets, it is easier for people to work out home. They crunch, jump, lunge, and jog, and get benefits out of the games designed.

Wearable Technology

Just like virtual reality, wearable technology is also becoming an important part of the fitness industry. Digital watches are designed to make life easier as they keep a tab of everything. From the number of steps you have taken to the time, of course, digital watches have connected the untapped parts of life together. They are easy to use and can be easily connected with the phone. Other techs include heart rate measurer, armbands, and phone holders.

Thus, it is time to move forward and step into a world that is controlled much by technology. As scary as it may seem, life does become easier with these handy. Retailers can update their stores and give customers more reasons to rejoice. Wholesale fitness clothing manufacturer is updating the clothes with the technology required. Bulk purchase of the same along with massive discounts can be secured by registering online.

Smart Fitness Clothing Market is Growing (But People Don’t Care About It)

While what once was something fancy and ideal only for elites, smart fitness clothing is significantly rising in popularity. In the past two years, in particular, its market growth has been tremendous, thanks to the endorsements from top athletes and celebrities.

According to a report, smart clothing market is forecasted to cross USD500 million mark by the end of 2022.

Wholesale Activewear Manufacturer

Many benefits of Smart Activewear

Undoubtedly, smart wears pack marvel in abundance. They are a big leap towards the future in wearable technology that promises to make workout sessions much easier and rewarding. From heart rate sensor and UV protection to haptic vibration and app integration, they ooze cutting-edge from every angle, promising a wholesome experience to the athletes and fitness buffs.

However, all been said and praised, one must address the elephant in the room. Do the regular consumers really care about these apparels?

This question is even more important for clothing business owners who always find themselves in a mix of confusion whenever market shifts—should they wholesale according to the latest trend?

High Price is the Red Flag-Bearer

The technology is still in the development phase and is not as efficient and convenient as makers want it to be. However, the true red flag-bearer of smart apparels is their high price that’s stopping them to embark the mainstream path.

Yes, even after big claims from top brands of “low price”, smart Activewear cost high that isn’t appealing to the regular consumers who are serious about their fitness but aren’t up for extravagant expense. Some of these modern wears fall way out consumers’ budget.

The Regular wears are just as good

Minus the tech integration, the regular fitness clothing is just as flattering in terms of quality and appearance, if not more. Top activewear wholesale manufacturer make use of advanced dri-fit fabric material that offers high wicking, ventilation and temperature regulating properties. The tops, bottoms and outwears are light in weight and have easy stretch that renders comfortable fitting. Plus, coming in many casual and vibrant varieties, they look uber stylish, in sync with the latest fashion trends.

In short, majority of fitness enthusiasts have no to very few reasons as to why give up their already high-performance wears for something that costs too high.

Yes, smart clothes are great. But majority of people still don’t care about it.

So if you’re a clothing business owner, with exception to few of the target audience, you’re better off contacting the regular (and reputed) private label fitness clothing manufacturer.

The Australian Wholesale Activewear Market has seen the Best Trends this Year

Just like the other countries, Australia has also witnessed a sudden rise in the fitness clothing arena, with more people getting inclined towards the sporty style statements that promise comfort and smartness. The activewear market has been rising with great figures, and this has brought in some of the most fascinating fashion trends and style ideas as a blessing to the fashion conscious crowd of Australia.

The Fitness and Athletic Clothing industry has flourished over the past five years in Australia, and the constantly changing consumer attitudes and trends have noticed that increasingly wearing activewear as street wear is a reason that has driven demand for the activewear products. Apart from the fitness freaks, the style conscious people are also widely accepting and embracing the athleisure style trend, owing to the comfort and simple casual stance they deliver. Industry revenue is expected to increase by an annualized 5.7% over the five years through 2017-18, to reach $2.0 billion.

Wholesale Activewear Australia

Here are the trends and opportunities that surface the wholesale activewear market of Australia.

The Activewear Market rise has supported Revenue Growth

There has been no denial of the fact that rising demand for premium, high-quality and fashionable sportswear has supported revenue growth. The celebs and models are inspiring the people who love fashion to socially accept athletic style trends as a part of mainstream fashion, and this is how athleisure has taken over other fashion quotients today so rapidly. The sports and athletic items are worn by the men and women as street wear essentials, not just due to the rising trend of athleisure, but also because these clothes are excessively comfortable, and help in perfect freedom of body movement.

The Health Consciousness of people has notched up

A forecast rise in health consciousness is expected to drive demand for fitness clothing and this is the reason why people are so keen to have the best items when it comes to shopping for the activewear pieces. This has kind of pushed the wholesale manufacturers and designers to bring in more fitness clothing items and accessories to meet the high end demands of the customers. This high rising demand every year as also brought in the most novel and out-of- the-box outfit styles and designs in the global fashion scene.

Rise or Private Label Brands

Apart from the offline and online retail fashion destinations that stash the best fitness wear items and accessories to entice the customers, there also has been a subsequent rise in the number of private label fitness clothing label brands that have been launched. These are given way by the business owners, and also by the retailers to specialize solely in the fitness and activewear genre of clothing. The leading private label clothing manufacturers are helping them spruce up the stocks reflecting freshness and uniqueness.

Dancewear is Becoming a Blooming Industry According to The Research Reports

With fitness becoming an increasing trend and habit for fitness-crazy souls, there are also some forms of fitness wear that are creating a lot of buzz. The people who are not interested to take up the boring gym or yoga classes, are taking up dance and aerobics as the best ways to get the most desirable physiques, to flaunt their body assets in fashionable clothes and stay healthy.

Dance wear is Becoming a Blooming Industry According to The Research Reports by Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

The men and women are giving up on their lazy mornings, and turning them useful with the most hip and happening dance styles, from the ballets for women to contemporary, the hip-hop and much more. With the increasing craze of dance as a form of fitness, the flattering clothes to complete this form are also surfacing in the global fashion scene.

From feeling comfortable by getting enough body movement, to showing off every muscle in your body, and making sure the instructors can see that you’re doing the steps correctly, the dancewear styles promise to give you the best levels of convenience while dancing.

According to the research report of 2017-2022, the dancewear market has bloomed magnificently and even there are obvious garments that have been passed down from the dance studio to the fashion world.

Here are some reasons why this industry is going big in such less time.

Fitness fanatics are increasing

Today, the fitness addicts are lot more in number, and they are doing everything to get the perfect body silhouette, so that they look presentable in any clothes they choose. Dance, as a form of fitness is more convenient, and entertaining, and less strict. This is the sole reason why men and women are very inclined towards joining the different dance form classes, from feminine ballet to smart hop-hop. The leotards to special ballet dresses thus have huge demand.

Dance is a fusion of luxury and necessity

There are some who dance as that is their hobby or passion, and some have taken this up to maintain a good fitness regime. The fusion of luxury and necessity has spruced up the market of dancewear double the meter, as the demand for the dancewear pieces is increasing. With time, the men and women are taking up newest forms of dancing in the most fashionable clothes.

Dancewear as entered mainstreams fashion

From the ballet flat — chic, perfect for everyday wear to the crop sweater, especially popular now, and sheer tights and leggings are all rooted to different dance forms, and now they have entered mainstream fashion scene. The style conscious ladies and men are carrying the appealing dancewear pieces to different other occasions too.

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The Trends of Activewear Market Growth that the World of Fashion is Majorly Witnessing

It seems that the athleisure bubble won’t burst anytime soon and the fitness clothing market is rising to greater heights. The sudden upsurge of the athletic style trends has been possible due to the growth of people getting more fitness and health conscious with time. While athleisure’s demand continues to grow, the sports and workout clothing brands are also increasing in number, giving way to newest style trends every day. According to the statistics introduced by the experts, the global sports and gym clothing market is expected to garner $184.6 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 4.3% during the forecast period 2015 – 2020.

Now these days, apart from only wearing the gym clothes to the workout classes, or for other outdoor activities, the fitness clothes are also worn for casual occasions. This proves that the blooming athleisure trend is also surfacing in the global fashion scene and the athleisure sector has seen a huge increase of 42% over the last seven years. It is also predicted to grow another 30% by 2020, especially in Asia and the US.

If you are wondering on the recent trends of the activewear and athleisure market these days, here are some of the instances that prove its growing popularity.

The Sportswear Brands are Still Topping the List

Due to the superb growth of the activewear market in the last few years, the sports clothing and activewear brands are still topping the list. From double to triple digit growth, the instead of the luxury fashion companies, there has been a subsequent rise of the activewear brands that offer the most hip and happening athletic clothes to the fitness conscious crowd, and athleisure lovers.

The Non-Traditional Brands have Emerged in Large Number

Apart from the traditional and purely sports clothing and activewear brands, the luxury brands have also opened their private labels in gym clothing and introduced their line of fitness clothing and athleisure separately. Today, the amount of sportswear stocked at non-traditional retailers has increased 87 percent. This has been possible due to the high end productions by the wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers.

The Market of Denims is facing a Setback

Due to the sudden urge to wear comfortable athletic pieces like leggings to every casual occasion by women, the denim market is facing some serious setback. This is a reason to worry for the denim clothing companies, and hence proves how people are in love with the athleisure trend to the core.

The Sports Crop Tops are Witnessing Growth

Activewear crop tops have steadily increased in popularity, growing 112 percent from Q3 2014 to Q3 2017. This also throws light on how women are inclined towards the sporty crop tops made of synthetic fabrics and mesh materials.

The Sports Accessories are very much in Supply

The research also shows that the sports and gym accessories crafted by the wholesalers are supplied in large number to the retail stores and to the private label workout clothing brands for their ultimate craze. Needless to say, the retailers have increased their accessories category by 28 percent.

Leggings will keep taking a Spike

The leggings have been in craze, growing 198 percent from 2014 to the 2017, and hence this also shows how the women are loving them for all occasions, from gym to office. According to the market report, there has been an average of 160 percent increase in full-price sellouts in the past two years. In the coming months, the figures will go up.