The Australian Wholesale Activewear Market has seen the Best Trends this Year

Just like the other countries, Australia has also witnessed a sudden rise in the fitness clothing arena, with more people getting inclined towards the sporty style statements that promise comfort and smartness. The activewear market has been rising with great figures, and this has brought in some of the most fascinating fashion trends and style ideas as a blessing to the fashion conscious crowd of Australia.

The Fitness and Athletic Clothing industry has flourished over the past five years in Australia, and the constantly changing consumer attitudes and trends have noticed that increasingly wearing activewear as street wear is a reason that has driven demand for the activewear products. Apart from the fitness freaks, the style conscious people are also widely accepting and embracing the athleisure style trend, owing to the comfort and simple casual stance they deliver. Industry revenue is expected to increase by an annualized 5.7% over the five years through 2017-18, to reach $2.0 billion.

Here are the trends and opportunities that surface the wholesale activewear market of Australia.

The Activewear Market rise has supported Revenue Growth

There has been no denial of the fact that rising demand for premium, high-quality and fashionable sportswear has supported revenue growth. The celebs and models are inspiring the people who love fashion to socially accept athletic style trends as a part of mainstream fashion, and this is how athleisure has taken over other fashion quotients today so rapidly. The sports and athletic items are worn by the men and women as street wear essentials, not just due to the rising trend of athleisure, but also because these clothes are excessively comfortable, and help in perfect freedom of body movement.

The Health Consciousness of people has notched up

A forecast rise in health consciousness is expected to drive demand for fitness clothing and this is the reason why people are so keen to have the best items when it comes to shopping for the activewear pieces. This has kind of pushed the wholesale manufacturers and designers to bring in more fitness clothing items and accessories to meet the high end demands of the customers. This high rising demand every year as also brought in the most novel and out-of- the-box outfit styles and designs in the global fashion scene.

Rise or Private Label Brands

Apart from the offline and online retail fashion destinations that stash the best fitness wear items and accessories to entice the customers, there also has been a subsequent rise in the number of private label fitness clothing label brands that have been launched. These are given way by the business owners, and also by the retailers to specialize solely in the fitness and activewear genre of clothing. The leading private label clothing manufacturers are helping them spruce up the stocks reflecting freshness and uniqueness.