5 Things That Everyone Can Learn from The Fitness Trends in China

China has been a leading force in the world for decades now. It has been influencing the world largely. Aiming at global growth and presence, the fitness industry in China has much to teach. Though it is not immune to the massive global surge of interest in active lifestyles, there has been a recent spike in interest in China that has led to the Chinese brands becoming a motivating factor for the rest. Here are a few things that the fitness industry can learn from the Chinese counterparts.


  • In a glance, the annual growth of the Chinese fitness industry has been 11.8% since 2011, one of the highest in the world. It generates a revenue of approximately $6 billion in a year. Though the US revenue is way higher at $30 billion, the growth rate is only 2.5%, which is puny when compared to the Chinese one.
  • The Chinese government backs the growth of the fitness industry and has introduced five-year fitness plans to attain the goal of generating a revenue of $225 billion by the end of 2020. The Chinese believe to continue this fitness fever and imbibe the habit in the young ones. A 3-year fitness curriculum has also been introduced by the Chinese Education Ministry.
  • The Chinese take fitness as an all-out form of life. For them, it is a part of their lifestyle. While most of the young millennial in China has undertaken the modern fitness regimes, the traditional Chinese fitness regime, Tai Chi, is still quite popular in the cities, especially amongst the old practitioners. Subscription to the gym has increased by 30% and more people seem to be participating in yoga, but the true Chinese quality of fitness comes in combining the old and the new.
  • China has always been open to technological advancement and it can be seen being applied to various sectors of life. However, the recent development in the fitness industry observes the introduction of virtual reality. VR has been smartly incorporated with the fitness regimes to give the practitioners a better and more enhanced experience. The same amount of physical exercise is undertaken- they move, jump, squat, bend and twist- but with the assistance of the virtual reality world. This has made fitness sessions fun.
  • The Chinese fitness-fashion industry has been primarily driven by the need to satisfy the customers. Rather, it can be put that the Chinese fitness-fashion industry has been catering the needs of the Chinese people at large. Crafting clothes that suit the weather and the body type of the people has been the primary motive of the top fitness clothing manufacturer China-based. Using technical fabrics that can wick moisture as well as provide warmth, the clothes are the epitome of comfort and ease. T-shirts, leggings, sports bras, and shorts are the most popular pieces amongst the Chinese fitness enthusiasts.Thus, the clothes are fashionable and functional, much to the delight of the Chinese people. They crave for perfection and it can be easily noticed in their fitness trends. Be it regimes or clothes, everything is aimed at becoming ubiquitous. The Chinese blueprint of the fitness (and fashion) industry is a deriving factor for the rest of the world. Everyone can learn something from the clothing manufacturer China-based.