A Complete Guide to Finding the Right Manufacturer for your Clothing Business

Before you start about and read this article with the hope of expanding your business, there are certain concepts which you must understand properly.

First, there are different types of business models that exist in the clothing industry, or for that matter, any industry which is related to providing customers with goods.

► A Manufacturer produces a product. They have ideas and utilize the same to create products.

► A Supplier, who is also a manufacturer, yet can include products from other brands as well. They distribute the products.

► A Dropshipper essentially distributes products on behalf of the retailers, promoting both the brands simultaneously.

Since, the main focus of the article is about finding the right manufacturer, here is taking a look at the entire concept of a manufacturer.


There are Basically two types of manufacturers…

► The Domestic Manufacturer is the one who works within the domestic boundary of a country and produces clothes for the retailers all over the country. The biggest advantages of such manufacturers are they provide high-quality clothes and have pretty flexible labor standards. It is also easy to communicate with them and visit them as and when required. Furthermore, you can easily get to know about their status in the industry.

► The Overseas Manufacturer is the one who supplies products all over the world, beyond the geographical boundary of the country. Unlike the domestic manufacturer, the international ones charge higher cost as shipping fares have to be included as well. There might be a gap in communication and can create quite a difficult situation for the retailers.

Now the choice here lies in the following things:
► Convenience
► Communication
► Cost
► Varieties
► Reputation

Thus, you need to weigh in the above points of the manufacturers and cut it short between whether you want international clothing manufacturers or domestic ones. Once you have made a choice, you can go on with the process of registering with them, making the purchase of the clothes in bulk and paying them the price demanded.

But the true question here lies- where do you find all the Domestic and Overseas Manufacturers?

Well, to find the best, you have to do your research well. If you want to edge your competitors and expand your business, these are the places you can rely on to find a good manufacturer.


The place where you find the profiles of manufacturers along with their products listed in categories. This can help you to pick the one that closely resembles the clothing piece you sell, for instance, if you sell women clothing, find a manufacturer who specializes in.


The most trusted partner you will get in the industry. Google gives you a list of manufacturers and the search might go on for pages. Make sure to check the later pages and pick the one according to your requirement, again!

Thus, it can be concluded by saying that picking a manufacturer is a mammoth task that requires you to be on your feet all the time. You have to keep your eyes and ears open in order to make a choice that is wise. A good manufacturer will provide you with the best quality clothes and will not charge unruly amounts.

With so many options available, it is feasibly possible to find your ideal clothing manufacturers. You just need to look harder.