Women’s Winter Athleisure Wear Style Guide

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As the weather gets cooler, it gets more socially acceptable to wear tracksuits for the outdoors. In fact, this season is also a great excuse to treat yourself to some brand new activewear. Be it jumpers, hoodies, or even sweaters, you can get a variety of clothes from one of the top activewear manufacturers USA. Given in this blog is a round up of some of the trendy pieces that you can invest in for a great winter workout session. The workout apparel is also made from the best quality fabrics that are sweat-wicking and compressible as well. Thus, find out how you can make the best pieces work to your advantage. Continue reading “Women’s Winter Athleisure Wear Style Guide”

How To Wear Activewear Clothes Beyond The Gym

According to a study by the Forbes magazine, due to increased health consciousness and cultural shift at the workplace, millennials have started to wear athleisure to the office as well. Well, this is just the beginning because slowly athleisure will conquer other areas of life as well. But to make sure that your fitness clothing does the double duty of supporting you from the gym to the night club, you’ve got to select certain pieces. You might also be thinking that how long will this wave last, well, that’s difficult to say because it has become a viral favorite. Hence find out in the blog what kind of athleisure clothing you should invest it to make it work harder like you.

Stick to neutral palette

We all love a fun patterned legging for the gym, but outside of it, the design might seem a little too aggressive. Hence it will be wise, to select neutral toned pieces so that you can wear them to the library and the grocery store too. Similarly, you can invest in cool sports bras that will do the double duty of a bralette with a skirt too.

Choose interesting material

This is not just about spandex or an out of the blue cotton. Mixing textures means, you can incorporate classic leather accents into your athleisure wardrobe and mesh panels as well. Pieces like leggings and bulk fitness jackets looks stylish with this design concept. So, involve textures and let them make you shine.

Make sure your pieces are in pristine condition

Its one thing to wear gym inspired clothes to the brunch, but it is another thing to wear ratty old leggings and a tee with holes in it. Such an embarrassment! The condition of your clothes is really important, even when you’re rocking the sporty ensemble. Hence, make sure to clean and maintain the clothing pieces so that its longevity increases with time.

Don’t feel restricted to a full tracksuit

Just like any other trend, you can experiment with the athleisure clothes as far as you want. If you don’t want to wear leggings every day, then think of tracksuits and skinny tees. It is cool to look at and comfortable to wear. You can even layer the upper wear with stylish sweatshirts to dramatize the look.

Make sure your pants aren’t see- through

You’d be surprised to know that how many brands in the market produce completely sheer leggings. These are a big fashion faux pass for the gym and outside of it too. Make sure that you wear solid leggings and dark underpants. This will save you from the unwanted ogling and the stares.

Hence, invest in clothes that will give you the most benefits. Retailers can order such fashionable fitness wear wholesale from the best of the suppliers by browsing through the catalog and stating the MOQ of the required products.

How To Care For The Fitness Clothes To Ensure Its Longevity

The athleisure trend is here to stay thanks to famous celebrities who have accepted the trend wholeheartedly due to the comfort factor and the sports lux trend it oozes. That is why it is also not a surprise that workout clothes are getting better in quality with the each passing season. The newest fabrics and gear fit well, is made to look good with trendy prints and designs and will also give off an uber cool vibe. But with every added quality comes a definite price tag! And since you’ve invested so much money on these clothes, it is obvious that you would want them to last. Therefore, read on to find out why and how you should care for these clothes and how to make the clothes last longer.

Wash your clothes immediately after a sweat session

First things first, if you go super sweaty in your workout gear wash everything immediately after the training session. It is important to remove the bacteria which can cause infections and create a lingering smell on the fabric. In fact, not only this the fabric quality also starts deteriorating if you don’t wash off the sweat.

Separate the bright from the whites and the different textures

You must apply the basic laundry rules when it comes to your workout clothes as well. Wash bright colors separately to avoid bleeding and use detergents meant for only bright colors to maintain the color. Similarly, don’t ever think of washing your fleece towels with the polyester clothes as lint transfer might occur.

Use the delicate cycle

It is true that workout clothes are durable but nevertheless you must treat the clothes gently. If possible, opt for handwash rather than machine wash. But if you want to wash them mechanically chose a delicate cycle as it will ensure that your clothes are in good condition.

Hang them to dry

Even experts believe you should never dry your workout clothes in the machine. Instead hang them to dry in the open but make sure not under the direct sunlight. In this way the threads are not damaged, and the bacteria is also killed.

Avoid bleach and fabric softeners

It’s not just the dryer that can cause the damage. Harsh softeners and detergents can also cause damage like ruining the texture of the fabric or loosening the thread. Hence always opt for detergents that are compatible with the fabric.

Wash your clothes inside out

We sweat from the inside out, hence it is obvious that we should wash our smelly workout clothes inside out as well. This will not only make the wash much more effective but will help protect the outer fabric quality as well.

Hence it is important to follow the aforesaid tips when it comes to the washing of workout clothes. By following this the longevity and the quality of the clothes will be ensured. Retailers can get such workout clothes from the best of fitness clothes manufacturer at reasonable. To have a look at the assortment of clothes they must drop a mail to the help team and state the bulk request after that.

A Guideline To The Ideal Winter Workout Clothing

Don’t let the cold season stop you from achieving your workout related goals. Even though the season might coax you to stay indoors and sip your favorite glass of malt but always make sure that you take time out from your schedule and exercise to keep yourself healthy. But most importantly you must remember that winter calls for a different type of clothing and you cannot wear the same old shorts that you wore to your last summer Zumba training. Hence you need to have a separate collection of clothing that will help you to survive the extreme winter workouts. To bulk order such functional and warm workout clothing for winter get in touch with popular fitness clothing manufacturer and browse the collection for your bulk needs.

Long sleeved tee

A warm long-sleeved tee is essential for those days when you must pick up heavy weighs and a heavy thermal wear might not be the correct choice for the day. Although these are lighter in nature, these are quite warm in texture because of the fabric texture.

Fitted leggings

Wear a long-fitted legging as a base layer for the activities in the colder days like hiking, skiing or any other types of snow sports that will keep your legs warm and dry. In fact, these leggings can double up as around the year outfit and can be teamed up in many other different types of ensembles.

Women’s infrared full zip hoodie

Be prepared to face and brave the elements and all sorts of abrasive exposures in a slim fitting water repellant jacket. The jacket has an excellent heat retaining inner coating, fast drying exterior and a packable hood stand which makes it suitable for camping and other types of outdoor activities.

Marathon sports bra

A sports bra with super smooth fabric and gel infused straps is what you need to spend the winter workout days in ease. The structured panels in the front provide a great fit and supports the chest giving it an overall protection. Such type of technologically designed sports bra can be found with wholesale fitness clothes manufacturer.


Slouchy leg warmers aren’t just for 80’s aerobics anymore. These are very important to protect yourself from a sudden cold foot especially when you’re outside and is exposed to extreme cold weather and wind.

Tech compatible neon gloves

Gloves which come with a touchscreen friendly thumb and forefinger pads allows you to quickly switch between songs or check up on your running stats in between the energetic winter marathon, without risking frostbitten fingers. The stretchy fabric molds into the shape of your hands giving it a firm fit.

Bold logo printed sweatpants

If your goal is to practice gratitude and more yoga in the new year then tackle both the resolutions with full control with a help of a bold printed sweatpants. They are cozy yet super flattering whether you wear them scrunched up to your knees or wear it full length.

Insulated vest

Keep your core warm without feeling restricted, when you rock this insulated lightweight jacket in your next outdoor run. The best part is you can layer up with this jacket as it is half sleeved and style your outfit accordingly.

Retailers can get the aforesaid types of clothes from the best of wholesale gym clothing manufacturer at the best of bulk rates. To have a look at the catalog of products and order for it they must get in touch with the customer care team of the required manufacturer and state the MOQ of the products.

The Athletic Apparel Market Worldwide Trends To Watch Out For This Year

The evolution of fitness apparel market has been huge in the last few years, and quite remarkable. From offering new style statements to the fashion copious fitness junkies to bringing in a wide array of sustainable style highlights, the activewear market looks glorious and positive. From wearing the activewear pieces for workout sessions or yoga classes to simply carry the much talked about athleisure fashion quotient effortless, the fitness essentials are the new talk of the global; clothing industry.

Every year, the activewear market introduces brand new looks, fabrics and styles and 2018 seems quite hopeful for something fresh and better. The wholesale fitness apparel manufacturers are trying their best to add brand new inputs to this genre of fashion.

Here are certain trends to look out for this year:

The makeover of yoga wear

Did you just think that yoga wear is all about plain cuts and simple monotonous colors? Well, the yoga clothes are no more all about muted solid colors and loose-tie pants, and there are new style statements that have emerged from the new and fresh yoga wear pieces. From the statement printed leggings, the mesh tops, to cropped tees compressed shorts, you get endless opportunities to deck up for yoga classes.

Athleisure is prevalent and meant to reign supreme

Last few years we have witnessed the upsurge of athleisure style, and this year to it continues to prevail. It has become common to see men and women wearing hoodies or sports jackets to work or parties and this proves the brilliance of this style trend. The dramatic makeovers that the fashion industry has gone through in the last few years, the athleisure has been one of the most emerging highlights.

Celebrity fashion inspires

Today, the celebrity gym looks are replicated highly by the private label brands and wholesale designers.  Also, the celebs have started to own their own lines of fitness clothing and this has given way to more apparel choices to the gym going addicts.

Recyclable and sustainable fabrics

Fabrics are now made from plastic and bamboo materials that give way to recyclable and sustainable forms of fitness garments. The wholesale activewear manufacturer industry is trying their waste to bring in eco-friendly clothes for workout freaks.

The Fitness Apparel Trends Approved By Fashion Police That We All Must Try

The fitness freaks these days put a lot of effort to maintain the correct athletic aesthetics, that not only helps them to carry the best looks to the gym but also the athleisure style is gaining momentum today gradually. Cute, comfortable, practical and fashionable, the fitness fashion essentials are receiving a lot of attention these days, due to the rise of fitness conscious crowd.

The bloggers and fashion experts make sure to churn out new looks to hell the workout junkies create new attires effortlessly. Here are some of the most trending wholesale fitness apparel fashion quotients that we all must try out.

A fitted crop top lends style and simplicity

Without any mess of extra fabric or loose ends, the fuss-free fitted crop tops should be a part of your fitness fashion style this year. You can look forward to recreating a full-blown ‘80s or early ‘90s look by pairing up the crop tops with high waist shorts, leggings and adding the jackets or sweat jackets over them.  The flattering silhouette that the crop tees offer is splendid!

Stretch in leggings with a twist

The leggings have been an integral part of the women’s wardrobes, and they are a quintessential closet staple that’s not going anywhere that soon. The printed leggings are still surfacing, but cutouts, strappy ones, side tie-ups and the mesh inserted leggings have also made their fresh new place in this genre. You can keep your fitness look chic and cool in the leggings worn with literally anything, from tank tops, to crop tees, the sweatshirts, jackets or sports bras. This workout classic item brings in understated pop to your persona.

Replace prints with monochromes

Just like last season, we saw the resurgence of printed athletic wear,   this year, it is all about the soothing and smart monochromes. The sober pastel shades and muted tones keep things sophisticated, yet stylish, from top to bottom. Monochrome helps the wearers play with pops of colors here and there and get a number of style options easily.

Sustainable and eco-friendly fitness apparel

If your priority is a sustainable lifestyle, you can ditch the usual workout clothes and rather go for the bamboo fitness apparel collections.  Bamboo is a renewable fabric, and bamboo viscose is the natural form of rayon that helps in sweat-wicking and doesn’t let bacteria thrive. You can wear clothes made of this material and keep yourself naturally odor and allergy resistant.

Vests are new layering options

It is time to move away from the usual gym jackets or tracksuits, and go for lighter layering options in the form of vests. To suit your style choices, go for the vests of today are sleek and slim, and come in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

Tips For Successful Reformer Pilates Workout Classes: Right Gym Wear And Flexibility

Have you recently joined the Reformer Pilates classes? One of the most trending fitness genres, Reformer Pilates is quite different from other styles and a lot more effective too. This workout type exerts all focus on muscle toning using springs, bands, or your own body weight and promises to be highly effective for health and fitness routines.

Women these days seem quite interested in joining these classes, and the celebs and models are executing the major task of convincing them to do so.

The Reformer Pilates classes provide instant benefits to the fitness junkies, from better body strength to enhanced flexibility, great posture, and faster recovery from injuries and physical limitations. Thus, to make the most of these sessions, you need to follow certain tips, from picking the right ladies gym wear wholesale pieces, to ensuring ultimate body flexibility.

Take it slow as a beginner

Don’t think this as a competition to be a Pilate pro, and hence go slow instead of rushing. Being a beginner, you should not speed up and be decently slow with your movements so that you don’t commit any mistakes. Be slow, and steady so that the harder you work your muscles out. Also, you need a good amount of rest and hence taking breaks is also integral.

Always try to be flexible

You have to let yourself stretch more and enhance your flexibility without worrying about the risk of injury. Be more elastic and don’t Make your body too stiff, as that, on the other hand, can cause muscle pull or severe cramps.

Always maintain correct posture while working out

Seek the help of your trainer and understand the correctness if your postures, as a mistake here can give way to several types of injuries. If you are not able to do it all by yourself, you can watch some videos and also ask your gym instructor to showcase the right postures to you.

Buy the right activewear

The Reformer Pilates is a type of workout where your body has to be mostly in motion and hence wear clothes that don’t limit or restrict your movements of the body. Splurge into elastic, compressed, lightweight and breathable activewear pieces, and avoid clothes that are too revealing.

The Fitness Apparel Buying Guide For Workout Freak Pregnant Women

Staying healthy during pregnancy is highly necessary, and a little bit of workout is always recommended by the doctors.

Now, to workout out during this period you would need the required clothes that suit your condition, and do not give up on your comfort. To enhance your performance and be convenient while workout out, be it at yoga class or gym, you need to buy the perfect maternity workout clothes.

The leading private label fitness apparel manufacturers are giving way to stylish and high-quality maternity fitness clothes that promise the best features and style statements.  To pull you out of this state of a conundrum, here are some tips to pick the best maternity workout gear to keep you moving.

The clothes must be designed and developed for maternity wear

Leaving sports bras, you need to look for the activewear options that are designed for athletic use during pregnancy. The maternity workout gear will offer a level of support or comfort during the fitness sessions, and will always enhance your confidence and performance equally.

The right fit is integral

The fit during pregnancy for workout outfits is essential to consider as the baggy and loose clothes will restrict your movement and also can increase the risk of tripping which is especially dangerous in pregnancy. Thus instead of going for too tight and uncomfortable clothes, or too slouchy ones, go for something that hugs your body conveniently and supports your baby bump. The blood circulation must be intact, and you should not wear something that limits the blood flow at any cost.

Look for seam placement

While buying the maternity activewear essentials, make sure that the seams are placed in areas that do not cause any sort of issues to your skin. It is recommended to go for the seamless clothes during this period that comes without itchy tags or scratchy stitches and prevent skin irritation and chaffing effortlessly.

The correct fabric

Choose clothes made of a blend of cotton and synthetic material that keep you dry, cool, and prevent you from feeling claustrophobic. Settle down for clothes that are breathable, sweat-wicking and lightweight, promising to maintain your blood circulating as normal and prevent you from overheating.

Perfect support

The functional maternity workout clothes that you choose must offer a high level of support for your breasts, belly, and back.

The Trending Sports Bras To Catch Your Attention In 2018

If you are the active and fitness freak women, a collection of functional and fashionable sports bras is must in your closet. The best sports bras would help you in elevating our performance to highest levels, satisfying your inner self when you sweat it out. From the strapless ones, to the tank tops that also act as sports bras, you have a number of choices to select from, and the design houses bring in new range of sports bras every year. Ultimate support, flexibility and breathability are the three major requirements that you need from the sports bras you wear. Thus, apart from the style statements that they offer, you have to be very sure of getting the right functionalities from the fitness or sports bras.
2018 is witnessing the emergence of a wide sports bra wholesale assortment from the manufacturers that are added to the retail stores. Here are some of them to watch out for.

The built up sports bras

If you frequently participate in sports or go to the gym classes, you would need the built up sports bras designed specifically for high-impact workout types. Made of the wonderful blend of cotton and spandex materials, these bras promise the best breathability and stretch. These come in tank style design with scoop neckline and wide elastic band for the extra amount of support and coverage.

Seamless racerback sports bra

Apart from right support and comfort, these seamless racer back style sports bras are also crafted to render visibility when worn with the fitness tops. The material used prevents the build-up of sweat and moisture and wicks them to keep the wearers fresh and dry while working out.

Sports bra with smooth tee band

These sports bras are made of the fusion of polyester and spandex and provide comfortable and breathable support to the women who wear these when hitting the gym, running or exercising. The smooth and elastic tee band attached prevents chaffing and any sort of skin irritation. Also, the vapour technology used to produce this keeps the wearers fresh and cool away from sweat.

Sports bras with removable cups

The sports bras with removable cups are made of the special mixture of stretchy fabrics containing nylon, polyester and spandex that promises flexibility and comfort. These bras are best for high impact cardio workouts with maximum support and gentle comfort all the time.

Thus, time top replace your old sports bras with the new ones for this year.