How To Wear Activewear Clothes Beyond The Gym

According to a study by the Forbes magazine, due to increased health consciousness and cultural shift at the workplace, millennials have started to wear athleisure to the office as well. Well, this is just the beginning because slowly athleisure will conquer other areas of life as well. But to make sure that your fitness clothing does the double duty of supporting you from the gym to the night club, you’ve got to select certain pieces. You might also be thinking that how long will this wave last, well, that’s difficult to say because it has become a viral favorite. Hence find out in the blog what kind of athleisure clothing you should invest it to make it work harder like you.

Stick to neutral palette

We all love a fun patterned legging for the gym, but outside of it, the design might seem a little too aggressive. Hence it will be wise, to select neutral toned pieces so that you can wear them to the library and the grocery store too. Similarly, you can invest in cool sports bras that will do the double duty of a bralette with a skirt too.

Choose interesting material

This is not just about spandex or an out of the blue cotton. Mixing textures means, you can incorporate classic leather accents into your athleisure wardrobe and mesh panels as well. Pieces like leggings and bulk fitness jackets looks stylish with this design concept. So, involve textures and let them make you shine.

Make sure your pieces are in pristine condition

Its one thing to wear gym inspired clothes to the brunch, but it is another thing to wear ratty old leggings and a tee with holes in it. Such an embarrassment! The condition of your clothes is really important, even when you’re rocking the sporty ensemble. Hence, make sure to clean and maintain the clothing pieces so that its longevity increases with time.

Don’t feel restricted to a full tracksuit

Just like any other trend, you can experiment with the athleisure clothes as far as you want. If you don’t want to wear leggings every day, then think of tracksuits and skinny tees. It is cool to look at and comfortable to wear. You can even layer the upper wear with stylish sweatshirts to dramatize the look.

Make sure your pants aren’t see- through

You’d be surprised to know that how many brands in the market produce completely sheer leggings. These are a big fashion faux pass for the gym and outside of it too. Make sure that you wear solid leggings and dark underpants. This will save you from the unwanted ogling and the stares.

Hence, invest in clothes that will give you the most benefits. Retailers can order such fashionable fitness wear wholesale from the best of the suppliers by browsing through the catalog and stating the MOQ of the required products.