The Athletic Apparel Market Worldwide Trends To Watch Out For This Year

The evolution of fitness apparel market has been huge in the last few years, and quite remarkable. From offering new style statements to the fashion copious fitness junkies to bringing in a wide array of sustainable style highlights, the activewear market looks glorious and positive. From wearing the activewear pieces for workout sessions or yoga classes to simply carry the much talked about athleisure fashion quotient effortless, the fitness essentials are the new talk of the global; clothing industry.

Every year, the activewear market introduces brand new looks, fabrics and styles and 2018 seems quite hopeful for something fresh and better. The wholesale fitness apparel manufacturers are trying their best to add brand new inputs to this genre of fashion.

Here are certain trends to look out for this year:

The makeover of yoga wear

Did you just think that yoga wear is all about plain cuts and simple monotonous colors? Well, the yoga clothes are no more all about muted solid colors and loose-tie pants, and there are new style statements that have emerged from the new and fresh yoga wear pieces. From the statement printed leggings, the mesh tops, to cropped tees compressed shorts, you get endless opportunities to deck up for yoga classes.

Athleisure is prevalent and meant to reign supreme

Last few years we have witnessed the upsurge of athleisure style, and this year to it continues to prevail. It has become common to see men and women wearing hoodies or sports jackets to work or parties and this proves the brilliance of this style trend. The dramatic makeovers that the fashion industry has gone through in the last few years, the athleisure has been one of the most emerging highlights.

Celebrity fashion inspires

Today, the celebrity gym looks are replicated highly by the private label brands and wholesale designers.  Also, the celebs have started to own their own lines of fitness clothing and this has given way to more apparel choices to the gym going addicts.

Recyclable and sustainable fabrics

Fabrics are now made from plastic and bamboo materials that give way to recyclable and sustainable forms of fitness garments. The wholesale activewear manufacturer industry is trying their waste to bring in eco-friendly clothes for workout freaks.