How To Care For The Fitness Clothes To Ensure Its Longevity

The athleisure trend is here to stay thanks to famous celebrities who have accepted the trend wholeheartedly due to the comfort factor and the sports lux trend it oozes. That is why it is also not a surprise that workout clothes are getting better in quality with the each passing season. The newest fabrics and gear fit well, is made to look good with trendy prints and designs and will also give off an uber cool vibe. But with every added quality comes a definite price tag! And since you’ve invested so much money on these clothes, it is obvious that you would want them to last. Therefore, read on to find out why and how you should care for these clothes and how to make the clothes last longer.

Wash your clothes immediately after a sweat session

First things first, if you go super sweaty in your workout gear wash everything immediately after the training session. It is important to remove the bacteria which can cause infections and create a lingering smell on the fabric. In fact, not only this the fabric quality also starts deteriorating if you don’t wash off the sweat.

Separate the bright from the whites and the different textures

You must apply the basic laundry rules when it comes to your workout clothes as well. Wash bright colors separately to avoid bleeding and use detergents meant for only bright colors to maintain the color. Similarly, don’t ever think of washing your fleece towels with the polyester clothes as lint transfer might occur.

Use the delicate cycle

It is true that workout clothes are durable but nevertheless you must treat the clothes gently. If possible, opt for handwash rather than machine wash. But if you want to wash them mechanically chose a delicate cycle as it will ensure that your clothes are in good condition.

Hang them to dry

Even experts believe you should never dry your workout clothes in the machine. Instead hang them to dry in the open but make sure not under the direct sunlight. In this way the threads are not damaged, and the bacteria is also killed.

Avoid bleach and fabric softeners

It’s not just the dryer that can cause the damage. Harsh softeners and detergents can also cause damage like ruining the texture of the fabric or loosening the thread. Hence always opt for detergents that are compatible with the fabric.

Wash your clothes inside out

We sweat from the inside out, hence it is obvious that we should wash our smelly workout clothes inside out as well. This will not only make the wash much more effective but will help protect the outer fabric quality as well.

Hence it is important to follow the aforesaid tips when it comes to the washing of workout clothes. By following this the longevity and the quality of the clothes will be ensured. Retailers can get such workout clothes from the best of fitness clothes manufacturer at reasonable. To have a look at the assortment of clothes they must drop a mail to the help team and state the bulk request after that.