7 Types of Fitness Clothing to Choose for Women

Fitness clothing for women has come a long way from the tees and trousers with headband which was a staple for the 1980s exercisers. These days, clothing for exercising has improved a lot and has gone through a sea change. There are lots of styles, fashions, colors and designs to choose from. Read on and know about 7 types of fitness clothing that you can purchase from fitness apparel manufacturers for the women customers of your apparel store.

Elastic Cuff Sweat Pants

These are an enhanced variant of the standard sweatpants with open bottoms that prevent dragging along of the bottom while running or even walking. Sweatpants are extremely comfortable to wear, but their open bottom drag while walking and this can cause disturbances. The bottom can get soaked during bad climate and look very bad. Sweatpants have been designed with elastic cuffs to prevent this from happening. These come with an elastic band close to the ankles in order to prevent problems of dragging.


These are also referred to as Hokies, and can allow wearers to keep warm before as well as after exercising. Such kinds of shirts are suitable for winter season, when the weather is chilly but women need to jog outside. With accessories like wristband and headband, wearers can get a stylish touch while they sweat it out.

Sleeveless T-shirts

These are amazing to wear at the time of exercising. Women find it best to wear plain spaghetti tops while working out. For a stylish appearance, you can choose t-shirts with short sleeves, thin straps or without any sleeves at all. For exercise purposes, strapless tops or collar neck tops are not sensible options.

Exercise Shorts

These are perfect for tall women with long and shapely legs. Lace-up flex shorts constructed out of spandex and various other similar tight compression shorts can be put on beneath fitness outfits in the form of a base layer. These can offer overall support to the body and can ensure that the muscles remain warm and do not suffer from strains and cramps.

Workout Leggings

Leggings in black color are great, as they make the legs look slimmer in appearance. Workout leggings whether short or long in size, are available in multiple colors. For women with fuller body size, black leggings look great when teamed with pink or black colored t-shirts. You need to get these from reputed fitness clothing manufacturer to be assured of superior quality and construction.

Yoga Pants

These are very comfortable, with a well-fitting fabric that sits easy on the skin. There are lots of excellent yoga pants in the market, and you will have any dearth of options to choose from. These are good enough to be paired with a beautiful vest. Women love to wear a pair of yoga pants in white or black color.

Sports Bra

A sports bra in bright colors is another great component of exercise clothing. These offer proper support to the bust line and provide women with greater confidence and enhance their sense of style.

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