5 Gym Clothes Women Love to Wear

More and more women are taking their fitness seriously, in order to look good and keep diseases away for as long as possible. They are looking for the right apparels which can help them maximize their performance in the gym and work out longer with comfort and convenience. If you have recently set up a clothing store, these are 5 of the popular gym clothes for women that you should order from suppliers.

Karate Pants

Such types of pants are available in solid colors as well as with stripes. These consist of flare cut legs, and can make women of any shape and size fantastic to look at and comfortable while working out. These pants are stretchable in form and are usually made of a blend of polyester and cotton.

Workout Shirts

Unlike basic sweatshirts which are manufactured out of cotton fabric, these come in a blend of cotton and some other synthetic fabric. These consist of sections of porous weaves which help circulate air to underarms and various sweat-prone regions of the body. These shirts are designed for male athletes, weightlifters and power lifters, although some are also designed to worn by women over a sports bra.

Workout Leggings

These are generally available in black colors, although any leggings of dark color can be great. These make the legs get a slimmer look. Whether long or short-sized, leggings can be availed in plenty of different colors. Women having fuller figures look amazing in black leggings, matched with tees of black or pink colors. Such kinds of leggings should be availed in high quality construction, and you can easily find different types from gym wear suppliers.

Exercise Shorts

Such types of shorts provide support to the entire body and are able to keep the leg muscles warm, in order to prevent cramps, stress, pulls and strain. Women can wear flex lace-up shorts made of spandex and other materials under their workout clothing in order to make a base layer. These are ideal for women who are taller in stature and like to show off their toned legs.

Yoga Pants
Such kinds of pants are generally loved by women in black and white colors. There are plenty of options, as far as yoga pants are concerned. These are extremely comfy and are made of form-fitting fabrics such as spandex or even poly-cotton. Yoga pants can be teamed up easily with a sleeveless vest.

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