5 Emerging Fitness Apparel Trends—Do you Notice Them?

Fitness apparel has taken over the clothing industry, with new and distinct trends erupting on the scene every other day. With market that big, it is rather essential that clothing retailers keep a careful watch on everything that’s happening there.

You do know athleisure wears are dominating the fashion scene today. However that’s a broad perspective. To make the most of current booming (and competitive) market of fitness wears, there’s a lot that you must know.

Here 5 fitness apparel trends that emerging this season-

High Waist Leggings

While patterned leggings were in the spotlight last year, they have traded the place with plain high-waist leggings this season. Snug-fit and in different lengths, the waist of these tights reach over the tummy button. They offer a clean appearance with an unbeatable flair.

Graphic Shorts

Graphic is the new introduction in the fitness wear market. And they have already become the instant hit, particular among the fashion forward people. Women and men’s graphic-rich shorts are leading this trend. They are cool, vibrant and very eye-appealing—so no one’s really surprised why.

Pullover Hoodies

Hoodies have always been the go-to staple for men. However, those old varieties have been replaced this season with plain pullovers. Just as amazing, these pullover hoodies—much comfortable— have a suave feel to them and works like a charm even as a daily wear.

The Vibrant Varieties

For whatever reason, grey, black and white have always been the most favored shades for the fitness wears. While ever since athleisure wears knocked into the mainstream, things did changed, it is this season that people seems to be finally embracing the radiant colors and patterns. The yellow, orange and green fitness wears are all very popular today.

Sublimated Joggers

With more and more people rooting for vibrant colors, sublimated joggers have become the ‘talk of the town’. While the simple varieties have been the craze on the fashion scene since last year, the new multi-colored ones are more appealing and promising that already have thousands of buyers around the world.

These are the five emerging fitness wear trends of this season. Now you know, make changes in your warehouse accordingly. Contact top fitness apparel manufacturers.

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