Placing Bulk Orders on Workout Apparels? Details of 6 Fabrics Explained!

Fitness Clothes have undergone a lot of changes in the past years. As you look through the inventory, you will find a sensational array of clothes that look extremely appealing to the eyes. No wonder they can drive your motivation, but when it comes to staying fit and not just looking good, you must look into the use of materials and fabrics. Here we have jotted down some references about a list of workout fabrics that might seem beneficial to you.


Bamboo pulp is a lightweight, breathable natural fabric that can wick away excess sweat and moisture quite efficiently from the body. This fabric is often treated with UV ray protective agents so that they can be worn in the sweltering spell of the sun rays. Many workout apparel brands are making use of a blend of bamboo pulp, wool, cotton and spandex that are free of chemical agents so that the clothes are rendered soft, odorless and be able to regulate body temperature.


In the long battle between polyester and cotton, many people would choose the former, but according to the recent study cotton produces lesser stench than synthetic fibers which allow the stink-causing microbes to thrive on the clothes after a heavy workout. However, cotton can be only used for low-sweat yoga and workout. You can take out your good old cotton tee for the free hand exercises. Some manufacturers are using a blend of cotton and spandex to produce workout apparel and accessories for men and women that can wick away excess moisture and do not make the wearers feel heavy with sweat.


The usage of nylon in various sports and fitness wears has increased due to its practical utility and comfort factors. Soft and smooth, this fabric is highly capable of absorbing perspiration from the body and keep the body cool, dry and fresh for a longer period of time. Due to the stretch ability and breathability of the fabric this is often used for gym t-shirts, pants and even sports bras.


Made of wood pulp, Tencel is quite similar to bamboo. The tiny fibrils allow the fiber to wick away sweat and moisture, rendering a luxurious texture to the clothes. Cooler than linen and softer than silk, it features biodegradable, breathable and wrinkle-resistance properties. So while you look for a workout apparel for men, you can find choicest of Tencel fabrics that are made to enhance your level of performance at the gym or yoga session.


Polyester has been considered the most efficient workout fabric in recent times. Lightweight and durable, it packs in the properties of moisture-wicking abilities, wrinkle resistance and breathability that add to the optimized performance of the wearers during exercising and doing difficult poses. In fact the fabric is capable of repelling odor and keeping the body temperature intact. However, it fosters the growth of bacteria and does not dry off as quickly as other synthetic fibres like nylon and propylene do.


Polypropylene is another synthetic fiber which is completely resistant to water and sweat, unlike polyester. Whether you are running for a long time or performing heavyweight exercises, the fabric unleashes a cooling and drying effect which triggers the moisture to pass through the meshes of the fiber and evaporate from its surface.

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