7 Important Things Top Running Apparel Companies want Retailers to Know

Given the current market trends, running apparel companies are playing a prominent role in the global scene. So when they have to say something, it is essential that clothing retailers pay close heed to and act accordingly to make the best of market opportunities for higher sales and revenue.

Running Apparel Companies

Here are 7 important things that top running apparel companies want you to know—


Running Clothes are Different from Regular Fitness Wears


Many people use running and fitness clothes interchangeably. While they do look similar on many fronts, their construction is different. According to individual needs, their wicking, ventilation and stretching properties vary.


Cheapest Wholesale Synonym Poor Quality


Looking for cheapest wholesale, not unpopular, is a bad choice. The quality of low priced running wears is always poor, regardless how many times few manufacturers confirm you against it.


Great Quality draws Customers Easily


With high quality running t-shirts, shorts, bras, jackets and more in your warehouse, it is relatively easy to draw more customers and sales. Word of mouths play a major role here.


Customers are Ready to Pay High


The perception that customers are looking for cheap clothes is wrong. At least today! There are many consumer bases that are ready to spend decently high if they are getting what they want.


Style isn’t as Important as Quality


Over the past few years, many people have debated that customers today prioritize the style of their fitness and running clothing more than the quality. Truth is, it’s not true! Quality has always been (and still is) at the top of the priority list, followed by style.


Market Segmentation is Important


Targeting different consumer base with the same bulk of running wears is not wise. Segmenting the market and then serving them individually is the key to increase revenue and beat hyper-competitive market.


Manufacturers are Much like your Business Partner


For many clothing retailers, manufacturers are a ‘one time deal’. However, with top running apparel companies extending their services to different areas (like dropshipping), the relation between two has become much that of a partner.

These are the 7 important things that top fitness and running clothing manufacturers want you to know. So now you know, act accordingly and boost your sales and revenue easily.

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