5 Types of Fitness Apparels to Choose for Male Gym Goers

With rising stress and a pressure cooker lifestyle taking its toll on health, people are realizing the importance of exercising increasingly and hitting the gym with a vengeance. Men are realizing the importance of proper workout clothes for a favorable workout experience and be able to get the ability to deliver their best. If you have opened up a clothing store, you can make good sales with wholesale fitness apparel purchased from suppliers. Read on and know about 5 types of fitness apparels for male gym-goers that you can choose to keep in your clothing store stock.


Men’s Sweatshirts

These are ideal to wear during cold weather conditions and allow men to stay dry and warm before and after as well as while exercising. Look for those types of shirts which stand out from conventional sweatshirts due to an exclusively designed to keep iPod in, and which comes with a stable Velcro closure. This allows men to listen to their favorite tracks and audio content on MP3 player or iPod without any messy wires to ruin their workout experience. Exercisers can simply pop their headphones in and listen to the songs of their choice while muscling up.

Workout Shirts

These are designed for use by bodybuilders, and are not simple sweatshirts made of cotton. These come with ample V-tapered cut for professional athletes, power lifters, weightlifters and bodybuilders. These are constructed out of cotton and are often blended with some type of synthetic fabric. These are designed to minimize your waist area and accentuate the muscles at the shoulder and back. Such types of shirts, with a V tapered design, help show the physique to the best possible extent. Many of these shirts come with sections comprising of more porous weaves that allow air circulation to sweaty areas such as underarms.

Exercise Pants

These are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes. For bodybuilders who love to exercise in the gym, classic gym baggies comprising of pockets are generally the best options. Men who need pants having slimmer fit in the legs, butt and hip area can go for flex pants constructed out of a polyester blend that can be stretched a little. These are ideal to offer a full range of movement at the time of training. You can get these from any wholesale fitness apparel supplier.

Workout Socks

A pair of high quality workout socks ensures a proper performance in the gym. Take proper care that you do not end up choosing very thick or thin socks, as wearers can suffer from blisters otherwise and jeopardize exercise routines. There are many high-quality yet affordable workout socks that can be found in the market these days.

Karate Pants

These are stretchable in variety, and are generally constructed out a cotton and polyester blend fabric. Such kinds of pants can be found in stripes and solids, which make them indispensable for the wardrobe of any exerciser. These come with a flare cut leg, which make guys of any size look amazing.

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