4 Apparels That You Should Never Wear to Your Fitness Centre

Though hitting the gym should not appear like you are walking on the ramp, this is still essential to look good in order to feel good when you are working out. Wearing comfy clothes not only boost your confidence and self-esteem but also allow free movement of arms and legs. You will find various fitness bloggers who will guide you on what to wear to the gym, but the recent study shows there are still quite a number of women who make the wrong choice and fall prey to attractive clothes for working out at gym. So here are some clothing items that you should immediately stop wearing if you have bought any or are intending to buy them anytime soon.

Cotton Tees

Though a cotton t-shirt may seem to be an perfect active wear for your gym session, it is definitely not the best one that you can think of. This is because cotton absorbs sweat well but it does not dry off quickly, leaving the wet fabric cling closely to your skin causing you irritation and chill. On the other hand, some of the technically advanced fabrics are being used like Dri-fit, CoolMax and Capilene which is able to wick away the moisture and sweat well while drying off fast.

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Revealing Tank Tops

Exercising at the fitness centre is certainly not the right time or place to make fashion statement. So it is quite important to make sure that the top, especially a tank top, that you are wearing does not display a bit too much of your cleavage when you are performing any feat, particularly when you are doing push ups as it not only distracts others but also makes you feel uncomfortable.

Baggy Sweat Pants

Sometimes the media and several movies wrongly portray people putting on their long baggy pants, but applying them to real life can be quite dangerous. Here’s why? Long slouchy pants can catch on to various gym equipment’s, causing serious physical injuries.

Long-Sleeve T-shirts Wrapping around the Waist

Just like baggy pants, wearing a long sleeve t-shirt around the waist can also lead to a major accident. So it is better to leave it at your locker or at home before starting your work out, no matter how cool it looks like that at the gym. So whether you are doing crunches or running on the trade mill, keep your clothes as light and fuss free as possible.

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