2 Workout Regimes You can Do at Home Still Looking Your Best

If you think you are too lazy to get up and hit the gym, then there is a solution for you. You can do two intensive workout regimes at home, preferably dance and yoga. They both are operative and entertaining. Also, there is no specific time to follow, allowing flexibility. Just find a good corner in the house, put on your best clothes and shoes and follow the list for a fun-filled period.



Moving your body rhythmically to loud music while losing some weight! Now that is the ideal form of working out. Dance is preferred by many fitness enthusiasts for its sheer ability to spice things up while giving you the desired body results. The high intensity that is required when stretching or twisting the body increases the metabolism which in turn triggers the weight loss. Moving the body constantly without a break renders it effective.

Style Tips

While dancing, you should focus on wearing clothes that are loose but not ill-fitted for they will obstruct difficult movements. The tops should be able to absorb sweat and be moist free. This helps you feel dry and fresh. The pants should offer medium to high compression for a better experience. For footwear, you can select a comfy trainer or a practical sneaker that will provide better traction and will prevent you from slipping or falling.

P.S. You should remember to avoid too much of layering your clothes as that may make you feel uncomfortable and restrict the free movement of your body. Make sure to avoid any kind of metallic embellishments on the clothes.



Centuries old philosophy of attaining spiritual synchronization through some rigorous body movements, yoga is a discipline that is followed by many all around the world. There is a variety of yoga that is practiced by experts, but you can stick to some basic poses and asanas when working it out at home. The results of this age old workout are immense as it will help you get perfect physical agility and mental stability at the same time.

Style Tips

Performing yoga requires a proper selection of comfortable clothes. You can get that without compromising on the style front by choosing solid tank tops or sports bra. They look attractive when worn in a neon palette. The pants must offer low to medium firmness as the primary motive should be to make you feel at ease. The garments should allow breathability for letting you hold postures and losing the extra pound for good.

P.S. Try practicing using thick yoga mats and blocks so that you don’t fall and injure yourself. Try bringing variety and increase the circuits for a more definitive result.

So start the sessions in your home with panache. If you are a retailer then prominent manufacturers have assembled a wide variety of products that will help you revamp your fitness store collection. The retailers can also secure attractive discounts when purchasing in bulk.

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