How to Pick the Right Sports Bra for You: 3 types to Choose From

Picking a sports bra is more than just sticking to the trends. It is about opting for one that vouches for comfort and boosts your performance. A lot of factors are to be considered which we often ignore completely. To prevent you from making such a mistake, here is a list of three types of sports bra that are available and how to know which one is perfect for you. Scroll down for a detailed understanding of the same.

The Three Types of Sports Bra are :

►Encapsulation sports bra is the one that comes with two separate cups aimed at supporting each of your assets individually. As the word suggests, the bra encloses your assets and keeps things in their place, not bouncing off when you undertake an intense workout session. They come with additional hooks and zippers for further support.

►Compression sports bra is the type that most suits when running. This is the type of bra that keeps your asset close to your body and provides full coverage. Racer back with seems are the most common form of this type.

►Combination sports bra is the one that balances both the above-mentioned qualities together. These are the bras that keep your assets in place and close to your body. They provide full coverage and give complete support, thus enhancing your performance the most.

How to Pick the Right One

Picking the right bra can be a mammoth task. You just can’t pick one that is colorful or has nice prints on it. Much depends on your body type and the kind of exercise you perform. For instance, yoga needs a piece that allows flexible movement and breathability. On the other hand, running will require something firm and secure. So it can be said that an encapsulation sports bra is perfect for a low-intensity regime like yoga, whereas high-impact exercises like running and aerobics need more than just support, and a compression bra works well with these forms.

Another fact to consider when picking a sports bra is the fit. The cup plays a significant role. If you are a size 36B yet wear something more or less than that, the result will not only be uncomfortable but it will also affect the way you perform. Too much movement or too restricted undertaking can also affect the shape of your assets (sagging is very common!). Thus, make sure to try it on and judge the fit before you indulge in it.

With a number of manufacturers having crafted the best wholesale sports bra, it has seemingly become easy to pick the correct piece. The plethora of types available is in sync with the numerous types of regimes that exist today. Retailers who are interested in making a bulk purchase can purchase them online at discounted prices.

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