How To Layer Up Correctly For The Winter Season Workout

When the cold weather hits, it might seem a good idea to shift your workout indoors. However, that does not necessarily mean that you will not workout outdoors or experience the changing season whilst you grind for the dream body.

You simply need to choose the right layers of clothing that protect your skin from the weather conditions, keep your muscles warm and help regulate your body temperature. One of the popular activewear manufacturers have come up with a collection of such apparel you can have a look at. Therefore, read on to learn how to layer your workout clothes for cold weather.

Base Layer : Tight-Fitting

Start with a base layer of tight-fitting compression material in order to keep moisture and sweat away from your skin. You can wear running tights and a long-sleeve tech shirt. Your ultimate objective should be to stay comfortable and dry. Lighter weight clothing will wick perspiration away from your body, and something heavier will add more insulation. It really depends on the temperature outside and your level of activity.

Middle Layer : Extra Warmth

It’s all about insulation when it comes to the middle layer. Look for something a little looser than your base layer that offers full range of motion, but still that carries moisture away from your body. Fabrics like spandex or fleece are great, inexpensive options. Try a sleeveless vest or pullover for customizable bundling.

Outer Layer : Protection

Your final layer should repel water, block wind, and hold in heat. A windproof running jacket or loose-fitting running pants can also work great. It is ideal that you specifically look for wind-blocking fabrics that breathe, like a polyester blend, and try to avoid rubber or plastic materials that allow moisture to build. The key here is to choose a layer you can easily take on and off depending on your temperature.


Finally, don’t forget about your extremities. Make sure to protect these parts of your body. Be sure to choose warm, non-bulky socks and a water-resistant running shoe with lots of traction to avoid slipping.

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