How Not To Wear Men’s Fitness Shorts

On infinite occasions, fitness shorts adorned by workout-friendly men have made it right into the memories of onlookers as nothing less than pure horror. While the world agrees completely that people have the right to wear whatever their heart so desires, there are times when this desire needs to be toned down for the sake of maintaining decency in public places. Here are some of the men’s fitness shorts options that enthusiasts must delete from their memory permanently while attending workout sessions in gyms…

Firstly, the options that are too short should never feature in the gym clothing kits of men of any age whatsoever. Options that are thigh high or over are better suited to women than men. It does not matter if the wearers choose to rid their bodies of unsightly hair or not, thigh high shorts still looks awfully cringe worthy.

Secondly, body hugging options as far as any kind of bottom wear is concerned is again best suited for women. Men wearing gym shorts that are too tight usually end up revealing much more than they should and that too in places where no one wants to witness such obscenity. As far as cycling shorts are concerned, the effect seems slightly neutralized but is still best when left at home.

Thirdly, shorts that are too big and long and that which seems to be secured at the waist with drawstrings to prevent slipping are best left to hippy centers. Not only are such varieties of shorts sheer eyesores to onlookers, they are extremely uncomfortable as far as performing the exercise schedules are concerned.

Materials like denims, pure cottons etc on men’s fitness shorts or even for women for that matter is not appropriate at all. Options like home wear boxers or casual denim half pants thus, don’t qualify as gym / fitness clothing. At any time, track pants, running shorts, tennis shorts etc can form better fitness bottom wear options than home clothing.

Last but never the least men’s fitness shorts should be wary of colors. Again, while it can be stressed that people have the right to wear the colors they want, restricting cringe-worthy shades and color combinations to the recesses of personal spaces is thoroughly advised. It has been observed over a period of years that strange prints, colors, patterns and cut all contribute to distracting fellow fitness enthusiasts from their workout and should thus be scratched off any gym clothing list.