Here’s Why Activewear Is Here To Stay

Activewear is simply clothing meant for exercising but it has still managed to become the latest fad in the fashion industry by bridging the gap between sportswear and casual fashion wear. It’s rising popularity can be gauged from the fact that in the past couple of years it has become a category and segment of its own in the fashion industry. Few trends since the days of custom athletic apparel have been the subject of so much interest and introspection as the minimalistic activewear segment has been. Starting from casual fitness apparel, the interest in and demand for activewear has added a whole bunch of clothes to the segment, right from yoga pants to shorts to gym stringers to jogger pants to sports bras and even extending to hoodies, sneakers and well beyond!

Here are a few reasons why activewear is here to stay and how!

The Ultimate Gym Apparel

Activewear has completely taken over gym apparel inclusive of the latter’s meaning and definition. People today identify gym apparel with activewear because of its resounding success. Activewear is best described as the meeting of two distinct worlds – workout clothing and leisure wear. All key participants have identified the changing dynamics of the industry and have been smart enough to bet on the winning side with the demand for wholesale activewear by retailers from manufacturers far-outstripping demand for any other clothing in the gym apparel segment. The days of wholesale sportswear being the top choice for gym apparel retailers are long gone.

The Popular Vote

The fashion industry has quietly changed in the last decade or so and people seem to have unanimously voted for the resounding success of activewear. Activewear created massive initial appeal among the fashion fiestas and top celebrities of the world, helping fitness clothing manufacturers milked the opportunity in launching fresh products to grab a bigger pie of a multi-billion dollar industry. The revolution thus began and doesn’t look likely to stop any time soon. Activewear is not a fad anymore, it’s a lifestyle and all naysayers will figure this out eventually.

Strong Support Of Celebrities

A lot of high-profile celebrities have been snapped in public wearing activewear inclusive of likes of Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Kyle Jenner and Kanye West. It served as an unsaid endorsement for activewear and the legions of their fans joined on the activewear bandwagon to emulate their idols. The above mentioned celebrities are among the biggest style icons of their era and their engagement and unapologetic love and continuing support for the segment will eventually make sure that activewear stays here for a long time ahead.