What is Compression Stockings and When to Wear It?

Compression stockings are the new buzz in the health and fitness industry and both men and women seem to be benefitting from it. Why?

1) It helps to improve the flow of the blood.

2) Prevents fluids from pooling in the legs.

3) Studies show that it might even help keep blood clots from forming in the deep leg veins.

4) It can not only relieve symptoms but can also prevent problems that are caused by skin ulcers, deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins

In the present day, men and women compression wear is not only worn when one is suffering from any problems with their legs or veins but healthy and active individuals seems to be finding compression garments extremely helpful. It has slowly but steadily made its way into the lifestyle of plenty of runners, athletes and fitness buffs.


When is Compression Stocking Used by Fitness Enthusiasts?

Compression garments are known to maximize endurance by improving the circulation of blood and increased delivery of oxygen to the legs. Hence, soccer, basketball and other sports enthusiasts and runners wear them. These stocking help to speed up and improve the recovery process after any physical activity by flushing out the lactic acid, reducing muscle soreness and relieving the tired legs. Not just active individuals, even those who travel and have to sit for long hours are also benefitted from wearing compression socks.

Some runners wear compression socks while running while others wear it after. Whereas, sportspersons are often seen wearing compression garments underneath their uniforms while playing.

#The Fit is Important

The ideal compression stocking is going to be tight at the feet and a looser, snug fit at the legs. As with any other gear, a bad stocking that covers the feet unevenly or fails to protect the skin against chafing and moisture causing blistering is obviously not going to enhance performance but rather deteriorate it.

#Different Types to Choose From

There are a wide variety of compression stockings available in the market today, from dress to casual to sport. Women and men compression wear are also designed in an array of design and color selection for the players and athletes to flaunt their personal sense of style along with a whole lot of talent when on the field.

Get in touch with a renowned and reputed manufacturer and wholesaler of compression wear to stock up.

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