All You Need to Know About Compression Stockings

Know About Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are tight in fit, which are used to maintain the proper blood flow, reducing swelling in the legs and also protecting against any kind of disorder in veins. With elasticized fit, they help in the functionality of valves and veins in circulation of blood, so that blood clots and the resulting ache is completely prevented.

There are three major styles that you will find in compression’s stockings:

  1. Knee high compression stockings – Found in a variety of designs, these are mainly made of cotton or thin nylon in an assortment of thickness ranges.
  2. Thigh-high compression stockings- With silicon bands, they are used when the full leg requires sample compression.
  3. Maternity compression stockings – These are too full length ones especially for pregnant women to reduce swelling of legs.

When to wear compression stockings?

Though compression stockings have created a stir in the medical arena today, many are still unaware of when to exactly use them and about their benefits. Apart from doctors prescribing these, everyone should know about them in details for better usage. Following are the occasions when one can slip into compressions stockings:

1. Pregnancy

Pregnancy might cause the fit and legs to swell up, with the hormonal changes causing the leg veins to expand and often giving rise to pain. Thus compression stockings help to ease up the blood flow and direct it back towards the heart.

2. Diabetes

Diabetic patients are prone to ulcers and blood clots, hence, for a to prevent this or heal the ulcers on the legs, compression stockings can act as an excellent remedy.

3. Venous insufficiency

People often suffer from serious venous insufficiency, causing their legs or ankle to get swollen up. To prevent this and normalize the blood flow back to the heart in right amount, a compression stocking can be the ultimate rescuer.

4. Lymphedema

When the lymph fluids do not drain out properly due to blockage in parts of one’s body, there might be swelling up or pain. To minimize this, sleeping into compressed socks at night turns out to be very effective.

5. Varicose veins

The sudden enlargement of veins cause this condition and thus compression stockings act as a solution by reducing the swelling or ache.

6. Thrombosis

Patients suffering from thrombosis where blood flow decreases, forming clots around the legs should definitely consider these hosiery products.

How to wear compression stockings?

People often wish to wear these socks for better blood movement in legs, but are often confused on how to wear them because they are tight and don’t slip in easily always. Hence, Amateurs often find clumsiness in using them. But before knowing how to use them, it is necessary to get the right size as it is the fit which will ensure maximum benefits.

  • Either wear it whole night, or make sure to slip into them just after getting up in the morning.
  • Roll it up slowly starting from the toes to the ankles or heel and then to the lower leg, until and unless all wrinkles are gone.
  • For gliding the stockings smoothly, get a lotion or baby powder to smoothly slip into without any restriction with the skin.

Advantages of Wearing These Stockings

These medically approved stockings relax the blood circulation, preventing aching and swelling of legs, or concealing unsightly veins with ease. Hence, people with vein-related problems must get these to prevent any serious health issue or surgeries!


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