Choose the Proper Dance Costumes Depending On The Types Of Dance!

Are you dreaming to become the next Anna Pavlova? Or Beyonce? Or may be an all-rounder dancing sensation?

Woman, whatever the genre of dancing it might be, it is very important to pick on the right dancing clothes, especially for the practice sessions to hit the stage with confidence and groove on the music with the right moves! Yes, clothing not only makes you look perfect, it has a lot to do with getting your dancing steps and postures right, But why worrying when the globally famous designers and wholesale dance costumes manufacturers are crafting well-stitched outfits for the wide arrays of dancing types? Sneak in to the retail stores to run through their collections and make your practice sessions better!


Confused on the types of costumes for the various dance genres? We are sure you are, hence got you covered with a brief idea on them (thank us later!). Keep scrolling down:


An Italian form of dance, Ballet is all about body flexibility, symbolized by detailed and flowing toe movements. To get the body movement right, girls must only consider on wearing leotards which are especially constructed for ballet dancers. Feminine to look and fabulous to feel, they are made of soft and stretchable fabric, draping the body intimately so that the postures look immensely beautiful. If you are uncomfortable with the length, worry not; team it up with matching leggings! Instead of a leotard, for a change, flared miniskirts and tights are also preferred!

Hip Hop

Originated in New York it is a street style dance which consists of locking, popping and other sub schools of dance. Quite funky too look at; it requires a lot of bone and muscle movement, thus demands loose and baggy clothes, as fabrics clinging onto the body would distort the movements. Clothes for this dance type include sweat pants, track pants, loose and oversized tees. Just make sure you slip into the right sports bra for utmost support under lose t-shirts.


Similar to hip-hop, it is basically an African form, with the sub category of modern jazz which has Caribbean roots. With high fancy footwork, this style requires great floor movements, thus if not too loose, women should stick to booties shorts or tights, with sport bras or tank tops for ultimate breath-ability. Not only these will render confidence, but will make you look like a professional with sensuous body silhouette, with poise and balance.


Characterized by the sound of the tapping shoes on the floor, as a form or percussion. This has been a very famous dance form all types. With girls embracing this as a profession, if you are one of them, be prepared to slip into the right clothes , for instance, a tight tee or shirt with tights or capris or even leggings will enhance your performance double the meter.


A Spanish form of dance, salsa is a dance school which oozes with energetic hip and leg movements. Flaunt off your assets confidently with beat winged open back top, or a leotard or even a flared skirt, shorts teamed with tight translucent stockings for a refined finesse and utmost comfort to dance.

So, all the aspiring dancing women out there, what are you waiting for? Get into the dancing shoes (and of course the correct costumes), and get ready to show off your moves with style and perfection!

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