3 Stylish Ways to Wear Tracksuits Without Looking Sloppy

Tracksuits were the power item of the 80s. Everybody owned a pair and had it in their wardrobes, till; well their relevance became just a matter of yesterday. But then, today, when every (hip and happening) trend is finding a way of coming back to the circuit, tracksuits were not going to be left behind. They came back and now every fashion obsessed woman is clamoring for them to get a piece of the old school tracksuits. Now, the real question is, we are no longer in the 80s.

So How to wear a Tracksuit in 2017 and not Look Like we came Straight out of the Bed?

You can scroll down and see a few specimens as mentioned here. Each of the pieces that a tracksuit consists of is taken individually and a respective look has been constructed out of it. Follow them and you will be the stand out in the crowd.

The Jacket

The jacket in a tracksuit ensemble is easily the most versatile one. Owing to its adaptability and its quality make, you can blend it well with other outfits as well. To look feminine, you can wear the jacket with a maxi dress. Make sure that the shades of both the jacket and the dress match and complement each other. You can further wear a pair of white trainers to elevate the entire guise and look spontaneously elegant.

The Pants

Since it is a comfortable pair of pants, which showcases both casual and sporty sides, you can wear for numerous occasions. Team it with a sexy sports bra and throw over a bomber over to look “out with friends” ready. You can go for a simple oversized t-shirt as well for a more sober appearance. For footwear, you can opt for a pair of sneakers or trainers.

Jacket+ Pants= Awesomeness Redefined

Now, when wearing the entire ensemble together, avoid using too many accessories or flashy items. Unless you want to look like a deport straight from some 90s sitcom, then just keep it simple. For footwear wear, white trainers and keep the look composed, and walk out on the streets without any inhibition.

Thus, wear a tracksuit and take a huge leap towards a popular fashion trend. Celebrated manufacturers have a vast collection of custom tracksuits Australia that can be purchased in bulk by retailers at discounted prices.