100 years of Workout Clothes: Changes and the Piece you can’t do Without

Have you ever heard of the proverb that with time everything changes! Reflecting its truth, fashion has not been exclusive of this saying and has changed significantly, especially in the fitness fashion department. If you thought that fitness was something new, you were wrong. Some form of exercise has always been around the corner. With the innovation in the regimes, the clothes have also changed. So here is to look at the different fitness clothes over the last 100 years.

►The 1910s was all about keeping yourself covered. Woolen skirts and blouses for working out! Okay. Stop now!
►The 1920s, unlike the 1910s, went a little easy on the women with pants replacing the skirts. Rest, well, pretty much the same.

►The 1930s saw the introduction of the jumpsuits in the fitness regimen scenario as much emphasis was now on losing weight and not just moving pointlessly.

►The 1940s was the era when cycling became extremely popular. So welcome, shorts and tops! They came in cute colors so full points for that!

►The 1950s had a weird sense of workout clothes. Culottes and tight blouses were oddly preferred by women and they did weightlifting! Can’t connect the dots whatsoever.

►The 1960s was moving towards the use of technology. So resistance machine was used widely. They brought back the 20 years back fashion with shorts and tops as the unanimous clothing choice.

►The 1970s gave us bodysuits and leotards. And it was all about Jazz! *enough said*

►The 1980s modified the steps to jazzy tunes and introduced aerobics. Leotards and bodysuits were still doing fine. Just the addition of socks and high top sneakers. In bright colors!

►The 1990s….wait….we all are still confused about this one! Shorts blended with leotards? Bodysuits with thigh length legs? Whatever it was, it did not stay for long for custom workout leggings and tank tops soon entered the scenes.

►The 2000s were all about yoga. So yoga pants and sports bra were highly preferred by the ladies for that aided movement. And was comfortable! Also, the leggings continued their journey forward.

►The 2010s to now is all about borrowing. We have a little bit of everything now! Be it the leotards of the 70s and 80s, shorts from the 60s, leggings from the decades previous, we have smartly tweaked them and suited them to match the modern conundrum.

And the Winner is…

A pair of leggings. They are too good to ignore. High points on comfort, high points on style, these are everything put together in one item. The use of fine quality materials not only ensures that they are easy on the skin, but they wick moisture and keep you dry and clean. The kind of exercise performed has amplified much throughout the years with a variety of options available. Thus, accommodating all of it has become important for all the manufacturers. The custom workout leggings are ideal for almost all types of regimes- yoga, aerobics, cardio, dance and running and cycling, going out for a cup of coffee. With the trend of athleisure on the demand, it only but makes sense that with their versatility, leggings are just too good to ignore. Leggings have proved their worth well and indeed can be easily categorized as the winner.

They also come in a variety of shades and textures that are further complemented by the use of prints and patterns. No more complaints eh?! Explains why we can’t live without them!

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