What To Wear For Marathon When It’s Really Cold Outside

Maybe this is going to be the first marathon of your life or maybe this the first marathon that you’ll be participating for in the cold chilling weather. Either way it is quite hard cause truth to be spoken running at a temperature under 5 degrees Celsius with the wind in the opposite direction is no joke. But since you’re a highly motivated person with an active lifestyle, no one can stop you from doing so. But the important thing is you have to wear the proper clothes if you are going to participate for such an activity. Carefully curated in this fitness clothing blog is the list of the clothes that you should opt for when participating for a marathon.

Top Wear

The best way to keep the cold at bay is to layer up so that you can chose to open it whenever required. A long-sleeve shirt made of high quality polyester will absorb the moisture from your skin, keeping you safe from getting clammy and cold on a cooler day. Wear a tank of a light material inside as well. A sports bra is a must have piece of equipment for a comfortable run. Make sure it fits you well so that it doesn’t cause swelling or pain.

Bottom wear

Firstly, wear good underpants that is made of a comfortable material. You can either consider capri or full leggings but avoid cotton because the sweat coupled with the cold can create bad mildew smell. Leggings that are made of compression material gives the right pressure in the muscle so that there is no pain or inflammation while you run.


To be on the safe side, wear gloves so that you can remove it whenever you feel warm. You can also opt for mittens if you think that the weather might further cool down. Choose a pair of running shoes with good cushioning so that it gives stability while running. Moisture wicking socks are also appropriate for the activity. Never forget to wear a digital watch instead of an analog so that you can keep a tab on the temperature and time as well.

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