The Latest Craze in Activewear – Compression Clothing

What is Compression Wear?

Just as the fashion clothing industry is constantly evolving and embracing new trends, the sports clothing industry is also undergoing rapid changed. Exercise apparel made of more technologically advanced fabrics and cutting-edge techniques are seen to be hitting the shelves season after season. The latest trend in the world of sports clothing would be compression clothing that are worn by both men and women.

If you are a fitness freak or sports enthusiasts, you must have heard the time ‘compression apparel’. For those who do not know what is compression wear, it is basically a wide range of tight fitted clothes which can be used in any fitness or sporting discipline. These clothes offer support and also help to improve circulation. This type of fitness clothing satiates the constant demand for better clothing that performs among athletes and fitness lovers. It is worn during exercise, to help prevent chafing and rashes, and post-exercise to ease the stiffness of the muscles and accelerate recovery time.

Why the Obsession with Compression Apparel?

From sleeves and tops to shorts and socks, athletes around the world – amateur and professional alike – are squeezing into super-tight compression garments in an effort to boost performance and recovery. To understand why this type of workout apparel is in vogue, take a look at some of the benefits that it offers.

• Compression tights are perfect for all those who are not really a huge fan of track pants. These tights are not baggy and do not make the wearer feel weighed down during exercising. In fact, these pants fit so well that one might forget having them on.

• They are a great choice for winter because the close contact with the skin makes sure that the wearer feels warm and it also improves blood flow and circulation. This means that the athlete or performer is already warm, even before warm up.

• It offers great support to the joints, mainly elbows and knees, and keeps them constantly warm. One might associate this with a mental thing, but while performing heavy lifts, this support can really give one the feeling of tightness and togetherness.

• As it provides graduated pressure, it helps to increase circulation.

• These garments increase blood circulation as they squeeze and compact the flesh of the arms, legs and torso and this helps to deliver more oxygen to the muscles while also speeding up the removal of acids and other byproducts of physical activity. There are also other purported mechanisms that contribute towards supercharging performance and speeding up recovery.

• These garments are made using hi-tech, special material that quickly dries and evaporates moisture and sweat, and makes way for the wearer to have a cool, dry and comfortable workout or practice session.

Compression sportswear is the in-thing and any retail store that specializes in selling fitness and sports clothing for men and women need to have a clear idea about what is compression wear. Adding these to your existing product line will definitely attract the athletes and fitness enthusiasts. If you need bulk products, it would be better to get in touch with a well-known manufacturer and wholesaler specializing in workout apparel.


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