Tracksuit Design Stereotypical Ideas Private Label Owners Can Forget With Flair

What exactly comes to your mind when someone mentions tracksuits? If you were born around the 80s or 90s, you may instantly envision Sylvester Stallone’s grey no nonsense number in Rocky; an inspiring image we simply refuse to forget till the end of time. However, trends in tracksuits have changed dramatically over the years, and certain stereotypical design ideas have been strictly challenged for the good.

If you are a fitness clothing private label owner and in the process of improving your tracksuit collection for the sake of inviting larger section of prospective buyers to your store, here are a few old ideas you should forget and rather discuss these fresher designs with your tracksuit wholesale suppliers right away…

No nonsense is fine… but Fun is In – Tracksuits have for long, been typified with bold no nonsense colors that received occasional facelifts with minimal linings and piping in contrasting colors. Things though have changed a lot and now, there are people looking for fun aspects in their fitness wear that could range from digital prints, embellishments, embroidery and even bedazzled tracksuits for that matter. If you have chosen your wholesale tracksuit manufacturer wisely, you can have the best of collections in all possible designs.

Pink is for girls and Blue is for boys – This rather annoying stereotypical idea on clothing per se, is best when done away with at the earliest. There are women prefer blacks and grays and men that love bright sprightly colors; and there is nothing odd about it. Therefore, instead of typifying colors on the basis of gender, it is best you focus on designing your collection in ways that buyers can enjoy every color of the spectrum without compromising on the appeal of the clothing.

Customizable wholesale tracksuits in the largest possible color variants are currently available with proactive wholesale manufacturers / suppliers.

You can relax it a little with Slim-fits – There are people in this world that still like regular or relaxed fit clothes. This includes the lot that may have achieved milestones in the world of fitness and have earned the perfect abs, glutes and thighs but are in no hurry to show it off all the time. Therefore, if someone told you that the success of your collection depends wholly and solely on slim-fits, you can forget such misconceptions and devote a few shelves to well designed relaxed fit options with immediate effect.