The Top Autumn Trends To Follow For Activewear This 2020

Given all the stressful times we’ve been through, this fall’s fashion week positively delighted us with amazing healthy looks that can help us get back on board with our wellness goals.

Here’s a peek at the top five global patterns that will characterize this Autumn / Winter wholesale athletic wear environment which will quickly find their way into your wardrobes.

Less The Merrier

This season, sustainability and minimalism are moving hand in hand.

Autumn sees a move away from novelty products, shifting into designs built for versatility, practicality, and convenience, with clean aesthetics and minimal detail.

In line with the transition of minimalism, it’s time to concentrate on naturally leafy colors such as harmonious blue, moist brown, and soft green.

Organic cotton t-shirts are a beautifully versatile product because they can go with leggings in any color or pattern, redefining your “all-day” appearance.

This phenomenon encourages consumers to make smart, healthy decisions, to focus on consistency over quantities, and to enable marketers to reduce adverse impacts on the climate.

Hoodie Trend

Another simple item in line with the limited course of the movement is the popular hoodie.

For the upcoming season, the hoodie should be redefined by bulky and oblong silhouettes, with features of zipping detailing. Major retailers support the pattern by selling hoodies in thermo-regulating materials that are the perfect lounge choices for chilly autumn nights or post-workout cover-ups. Others bring value to this simple element by small features such as lace-up fronts that can help you transition to a zen location.

Instead, pick a zip hoodie with a casual fit and a comfortable hood that can be worn over workout wear during exercising to maximize comfort and keep you dry.

You can wear a bodycon hoodie with high-height leggings for a sleeker look, or match them with sweatpants for that warm, everyday feel.

Earthy Hues

The autumn’s paint scheme is influenced by warm colors, like saffron gold, slate gray, burnt toffee, and olive green.

This concept often transcends wonderfully into activewear.

This theme provides exclusive choices to match everyone’s palate. We can’t wait to see what earthy mood you’re going to use!

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