The Rise of Fashion in the Fitness Industry: 3 Reasons to Support the Statement

A few years back, there was a trend that hit the world hard; the trend called athleisure. Primarily the trend was focused at wearing fitness pieces that could easily pass as casual wear. But what triggered this trend? Why did it become a phenomenon?

Throughout the years, we have seen fitness clothes that have come into existence. Many underwent tweaks to accommodate the modernity, while some have lost their presence completely. There was a time when gym clothes consisted of old and tattered clothes, mainly t-shirts and shorts. Women were deprived of good clothes that made the gym sessions unlikely to work for them. Come on, nobody wants to wear clothes which are anything but comfortable. But then someone decided to bring an end to this barbarism.

The demand had already been there in the past, yet there wasn’t enough supply of the same. But over the last decade, many fitness clothing companies have come into existence with their primary focus being on the women’s department. Infusing fashion and fitness was a tricky thing to do, yet the enthusiasts were determined about introducing clothes that would not only be relaxing to wear but would further contribute to their overall appearance.

New pieces swiftly made their way into our closets and climbed to the top echelons of the fashion ladder.

But Let us see this in details. Let us analyse the situations that actively contributed to the growth of fashion in the fitness industry.

► The first reason to have allowed this growth was the need of new clothes. Women wanted apparels that would balance both functionality and versatility effectively, without losing an inch from either. This led to the fitness companies tweak clothes like sports bra and leggings that were already popular as stylish renditions.


►The improvement in technology helped the manufacturers come with fabrics that provided supreme comfort. Wicking moisture and sweat, these fabrics not only lend a soft touch against the skin but promised to keep the wearer dry and clean, no matter what kind of regime they were undertaking.


►The massive surge in the number of participants in the fitness bandwagon suddenly increased which forced the manufacturer to up their game. This became a driving factor in the fitness-fashion industry. To meet the demands, the manufacturers had to up their supply quantity. Since they were earning high revenues from the same, it only went in an upward motion.

Thus, it can be very well established that quite a few factors drove these two aspects of the industry together. Though none of us can complain about the results for they are truly amazing and stunning, this industry is to grow further. Athleisure is expected to reach its highest peak by 2020, generating almost $1 billion revenues for the fitness clothing companies.

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