Pair up the Best Workout Clothes With Your Choicest Fitness Routine

The right fitness clothing can make a huge difference in your level of comfort and safety in the gym. Did you know that your choice of fitness clothes affects your capability to complete certain workout activities? There are several things that you need to take into account when considering what to wear to the gym for your workout routine.

  • You need a material that encourages airflow to keep moisture away. For a combination of sweat-wicking properties and breathability, you should go for fabrics like nylon.
  • Your fitness clothes should be stretchable to allow a full range of motion.
  • You need to opt for apparel that fits you like second skin.

Some Additional Tips for Picking Your Fitness Clothes

For cooler weather days, layers are very important. During the warm-up and cool-down phases of your workout, you want them to regulate your body temperature. An additional layer or two offers you the option to wear them or keep them inside the locker, depending on the weather.

Long-sleeve base layers and an insulated layer such as down-filled outerwear are good for frigid temperatures.

Different Fitness Clothing for Different Workout Activities

Not all fitness clothing suits every kind of gym workout. Fitness apparel manufacturers have made specific fitness garments for specific activities.

When you are into strength training

The last thing that you want to worry about is your clothing when you are indulging in strength training. Go for attire that lets you move minus any restrictions. Strength training is basically about working your muscles and those muscles need their full range of movement. Flexible shorts or leggings along with fitted tops are simply great for strength-training-based workouts.

When you are into high-intensity interval training

Commonly known as HIIT, high-intensity interval training is a fast-paced, energetic workout regime that is pretty demanding. You need such fitness clothing that can hold up to the demands of your workout. Sweat-wicking and flexible fabrics that can keep you dry and comfortable, moving with you, are just perfect. These days, for HIIT, compression fitness clothing is pretty popular.

When you are into low-impact workouts

Low-impact activities such as yoga and Pilates offer you a chance to concentrate on flexibility, core strength, and mindful breathing. These things can tone your core, help you improve your range of movement, and even lessen anxiety and stress. As these activities focus primarily on fluid, precise movement, your fitness wear should be breathable and stretchable.

When you are into functional training

Functional training often comprises workout activities like CrossFit and similar things. Again, the main focus of these activities is diverse movements. Look for workout wear that adapts when choosing what to wear to the gym for functional training. Settle for form-fitting, supportive tops that stay in place. Throw on leggings or shorts crafted from breathable, flexible material.

When you are into cardio

Activities like cycling, aerobic workouts, and running form cardio exercises. These activities increase your body temperature and get your heart rate up. While a lightweight, supportive sports bra will help lessen discomfort, leggings or shorts made from a stretchable fabric will fit snugly to lessen the risk of accidents. You can also go for fitness clothes that are specifically constructed to wick away moisture.

As mentioned before, not all fitness wear is equal. So, always opt for clothing that goes with the kind of workout you are engaged in.

Importance of the Right Shoes

Shoes are an important part of your workout outfit. Never underestimate them. Crocs, sliders, and sandals though comfortable, are not meant for workout.

Many people exercise barefoot but again it’s something which you shouldn’t do. When you work out barefoot, it can lead to accidents from dropped weights or injuries from lack of support during high-impact activities. You can also accidentally step on something dangerous while working out.

If you are the type who doesn’t like to put much effort into thinking about which shoes to opt for, then you can blindly rely on fitness trainers and weightlifting shoes. These two styles are best suitable for gym workouts.

Weightlifting shoes are right up your alley if you are hitting the weight rack a lot. They come with a raised heel that can help during squats and other lifts and a hard, flat sole that offers a stable base for lifting.

Fitness trainers offer exceptional cushioning that makes them a terrific choice for treadmill usage and high-impact exercises. They are specially crafted to absorb shock.

Accessories that are a must

If you wish to get a complete look, accessorizing your fitness outfit is essential. In addition, they enhance your workout and offer an element of convenience and comfort. Mentioned below are the crucial accessories that you need to add to your gym bag or wear for sure:

Add-on gear

Ankle supports, weight belts, and knee sleeves can be great for those engaged in heavy lifting. These accessories offer extra support, help maintain correct alignment and posture, and prevent injuries.

Insulated or Reusable Water Bottle

During your workouts, staying hydrated is critical. To keep your hydration levels up, you need to toss a water bottle inside your bag. Insulated bottles are always the best. And, if you are a planet-conscious person, then go for a reusable one.

Gym Towel

Whether you are a beginner or an absolute fitness enthusiast who just loves working out every day, a gym towel is a must-have. It’s not only great for wiping away sweat during a workout but it’s also vital for hygiene reasons. In addition to all these things, you will definitely need a towel in your gym bag if you like to take a shower once done with your workout.

You can also go for a sweat-wicking headband and wristband.

Active socks are made for breathability.

These things are great for your overall comfort and they can also keep moisture out of your eyes and feet. Besides, who doesn’t like staying odor-free?

7 Activewear Combos for hitting the Gym

Sports bra and leggings

The combination of sports bras and leggings is old but ever-trending. Imagine a racerback or crisscross sports bra with a pair of fabulous fitness leggings. All you need is a wristband and a nice pair of sneakers with sufficient shock absorption and cushion to finish your look with style.

Tank top and biker shorts

Though you can pair tank tops with different kinds of bottom wear, they look best with biker shorts. A printed tank top with the good old black biker shorts can help you achieve your fitness goals with style. If you want to look as cool as the celebrities while leaving the gym, throw on a baseball cap.

Active tee and joggers

From Lori Harvey to Katie Holmes to Lucy Hales and more, fashion icons have shown their love for active tees time and again. Now, a great alternative to leggings here can be joggers. This bottom wear can help you stand apart in the crowd, helping you flaunt your individuality.

Fitness crop top and active tights

For all those high-intensity workout activities that need you to stretch and move a lot, the ‘crop top and active tights’ is the best combination. A full-sleeve crop top and active tights in the matching color are quite ‘’in’’ nowadays.

Sweatshirt and joggers

A sweatshirt and joggers together have a different appeal. If you wish to break free from the usual solid colors, then you can go for a sweatshirt and joggers in tie-dye print. It will add a fun and cheerful touch to your workout routine.

Compression top and athletic shorts

For the best comfort, reduced muscle soreness, and enhanced performance, a compression top is what you can rely on. For bottoms, pick a pair of quality, functional athletic shorts. To show your quirky side, opt for a neon color.

Hoodie and flared fitness pants

The flared fitness pants are back in fashion and the hoodie is their new partner. Join the latest trend and go for a Kenough hoodie!

Proper Fitness Clothing Maintenance

At the end of the day, no matter what you are wearing to the gym, you need to keep your fitness apparel clean to prevent material deterioration, bacteria buildup, and color fading. Leaving the gym bag full of your dirty, sweaty fitness clothes in the car or even tossing the clothing pieces into the laundry basket and washing them after a week won’t take you anywhere. If you wish to prolong their lifespan and stay healthy yourself, wash them as soon as possible. To keep foul odor at bay, use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Always use a mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener. Machine-dry on a low or no heat setting or simply go for the air-dry option.

While you are at it, remember these basic rules for gym etiquette:

  • Don’t just exercise and leave. Wipe the sweat away from the gym equipment once done.
  • Don’t talk on the phone while working out. It will help you stay focused and won’t bother others.
  • Never listen to music out loud. Not every person visiting the gym enjoys it.

Last Thoughts

It’s never just about following the latest trends when it comes to choosing the right fitness clothes for the gym. It’s about your performance, safety, and comfort as well. Your choice of fitness wear can significantly impact your experience at the gym.