From Fitness Blogger to launching Private Label Apparels: The New-Age Business Owners

Today, the web world is filled with new breed of smart apparel business owners who – very strategically – are turning their passion into lasting and high-yielding business. We’ve already heard so many success stories. Starting as a blogger and then subsequently launching their own online stores, the top names like Julie Sarinana, Jessica Sepel, and Vanessa Hong are making big bucks every month with this model.

Can your story be a new addition to this success saga?


Blogging has become a favorite domain for millions to earn part-time or full-time income. There are countless fitness blogs, who specialize in various sub-niches, giving some superb and cliché tips to their individual community. However, what grandly differ the successful fitness bloggers from this large struggling crowd is their entrepreneurial mind to turn their fervor into full-fledged profession.

These successful bloggers, taking their business up a notch, open their own fitness apparel stores – some even launch wears under their own private label brand. And this model promises to be foolproof with high return often guaranteed.

The fitness bloggers already have a fan base – a community – that knows them. Marketing just-introduced branded apparels become very easier.

There’s already a large crowd of buyers waiting for the wears. If pre-launch marketing is done right, early sales can touch sky.

Content marketing has become the ‘it’ for every business who relies strictly on the digital customers. If blogging regularly, the store/apparel collection can do much better (high traffic, CTR, reputation) on search engines and other channels.


If you’re a fitness blogger, relying solely on paid adverts and digital products to generate you revenue, it’s time to take another step ahead. Change your approach and take up a model that has made so many other bloggers million in revenue. Start your online apparel store, or better— launch your own private label fitness apparels. Take hands of a reputed private label clothing manufacturer.


No more is launching your own apparel brand any difficult and stressful. It’s very easy and cost-effective today. All you need is a nice manufacturer by your side, a definite business plan and a group of excited bloggers (which, as a blogger, you already have).

Just stand true to your distinct identity who genuinely wants to help her/his audience, prioritize quality atop and dial a top private label clothing manufacturer to take your blogging business to the next level.