Feminism as a Way of Living has Completely Taken over the Fitness Fashion World

Fashion has always been quite vocal about the ongoing political scenarios, the ideologies that run the world, and taking up the socially important causes. With feminism gaining a lot of attention and importance these days, achieving equal political, social, and economic rights for women has become the motto of the intellectuals, those who want these world to be balanced place to survive in. There was a time when gyms were connoted only for the hunky and handsome men, and women would be happy with some free-hand exercises practiced at home, or yoga as an early morning regime. With feminist movements being campaigned here and there, now being fit is no more limited to men, and women have started being fitness conscious, hitting the gym quite confidently than before.

With the change of the lifestyles of the women, there have been exuberant changes in fashion scene, too. Yes, today fitness fashion for women has reached new heights, and feminism has been one of the important factors, being a decision maker or a life changer for this genre.

Feminism has thus embraced the fitness fashion world quite religiously, and that is evident from the way the women today dress up for their gym sessions.

Here are some reasons that substantially throw light on this fact.

The Power of Slogan Tees

We know how much wearing an impactful tee matters when you are hitting the gym, acting as a style statement in itself. The designers and wholesale manufacturing houses are coming up with the slogan tees that reflect the idea of gender equality quite explicitly, and definitely infuse a dash of vigour and confidence to the mind-sets of the women. From the inspiring messages, to the motivating quotes spoken by popular personalities, satirical comments and funny logos embossed on the tees, these outfits prove to be driven quite effortlessly by the idea of feminism. In the style of tank tees, to the compression ones, or simple crew neck tees, the women can now portray their support for feminism through these tees easily.

Skin Show Exudes Confidence

Are only men supposed to go all bare bodied at the gym sessions, and flaunt their chiselled chest and bulging hand muscles? Today, with gender equality being made so important, women don’t shy away from showing off some skin too at the gym to spruce up their confidence levels. The trend if wearing the sports bras as crop tops with the high waist leggings, or the strappy tank tops with the skimpy shorts has become the ongoing fashion trend for the fitness enthusiasts, and this is how women too can look at their bodies on the mirrors and gush about the physical improvements they are going through. After all, feeling comfortable in our skin is a right, and none can deny it.

You don’t have to be Girlie always

Just because you are a women, doesn’t mean you have to add a lot of pinks and prints, and wear feminine clothes to the gym. You can shed off your conscious being, and try out then mannish looks or tomboyish looks, and this won’t make you less of a girl. Fashion has no limitations, and you are supposed to dress up in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Not Comfortable in Leggings? Get your Track Pants

The leggings are substitutes for the trousers that men wear to the gym for women, and if you feel inconvenient in the tight fitted and body hugging leggings, it is time to replace them with the loose fitted track pants. A dress cannot define your comfort for working out at the gym.