Deck Up in Different Sorts of Dance Apparels and Groove to the Music

The choice of dance costumes is as diverse as the form of dance itself. This is primarily because of their separate usability since the apparel worn for belly dancing cannot be slipped on for ballet or flamenco. Now keeping this distinction in mind several online manufacturers in collaboration with talented fashion designers have come up with different types and designs of costumes which are meant to optimize the performance of the dancers as well as bring out their unique style. Buying becomes easier once you know how to dress up for a particular dance style. So here are a few guidelines for you.

For Ballet and Contemporary Dance Style

While for classical ballet standard costumes like leggings, tutus, leotards and pointed shoes are required, now customized clothes are more preferred for a high level public performance.

Though modern dance garments are quite similar those used for ballet, they come in wider range of colors and designs. For instance the ones in pink or blue color and with cute bow or fringes are mostly used for grand performances on stage.

Hip Hop and Freestyle

While freestyle requires tight fitting clothes, produced with stretchy fabrics and ornamented with fun prints, tulle, fringes and beads, hip hop costumes include slouchy trousers, hot pants and hooded shirts to render a high street look.

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For Belly Dancing

This Egyptian dance style typically includes a bikini bra, harem pants or skirt, a hip belt and sometimes a scarf. Amongst others, scarves, bras and head veils are generally embedded in beads or coins. As for materials, they are commonly tailored with translucent and vaporous fabrics like silk and chiffon to give a shiny edge to the overall outfit.


Typically made up of an ankle length dress with ruffles on the sleeves and the skirt, the fabrics used for making flamenco costumes often varies, though the mostly preferred one remains silk and silky and shiny edge.


When it comes to buying costumes for tango, you can choose a bellowing skirt which rests above your knee in order to allow free movement of your legs. On the other hand, for male dancers a well fitted shirt and trousers are a classic choice. Now as for colors though red and black remains a classic favorite as they can create a dramatic effect on stage.

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