The Custom Workout Leggings Trends that are Surfacing in 2017 to Add to your Store

If you are looking for some custom products to spruce up your retail store with, you have to let your creativity flow and not hinder it. Now according to the latest trends, nothing attracts the fashionable women than the colourful, comfy and stylish workout leggings that can be worn to the gym or yoga classes and also worn to pull off casual athleisure. Hence, if you want to entice more customers and enhance profits, nothing will be a better choice than the versatile workout and yoga leggings.

The wholesale manufacturers and designers these days make sure to hire the most dexterous craftsmen with the assurance to offer you the sartorial custom clothing design options. Once you brief them about your distinct specification and requirements, they will craft the products accordingly. You have to be ahead of the eclectic trends that surround the leggings, and give way to something very unique and modish.


Here are some of the custom workout leggings style trends that you can incorporate in your retail store.

Black and White Combination

The black and white is a classic combination and you can add these colored leggings to your store so that the customers can wear them with any colored top or tee effortlessly. Ask your manufacturer to bring in different variations of the designs in the black and white blended leggings, from the polka dotted ones, to the stripes, plaid, graphic and much more. These will add to one’s smart persona, and help them carry to gym and even to office.

Nature Inspired Prints

It is time to give up on the bold and colourful printed or sublimation leggings of you store, and look for the ones embossed with nature inspired patterns. The nature inspired leggings come in different motifs, from the animal skin patterns, to the florals, tribals, and much more. Make sure you ask your designer to customise them in earthly tones, and muted shades instead of going for bright shades and neons. The subdued and cool looking prints are more in craze, and creating a lot of buzz today.

The Matching Sets

Instead of stashing your store only with the leggings, give way to the polished matching set trend. Here, you must keep the leggings in pair with the sports bras or crop tees or bralettes that vouch on the most novel style elements. The shimmering and fine texture leggings trends can be stashes in your store in different color combination, be in monochromes, the duo tones, or even the ones that come in subtle prints and self-structures. Here too, make sure that you do not bulk order on the sets that come in very vibrant shades.

Hottest Pink Color

The hottest color for the workout leggings this year would be pink. Try getting the leggings crafted in different cuts, prints, designs and styles in a number of varying tones of pink. Be it the ones that come in the soft baby pink, or magenta, the pink is definitely the most popular color for the leggings family this year.

Celestial Themes

Add some fun and whimsical touch to your leggings in your store with the celestial themed, where the leggings come printed with star motifs, or sun, moon and other images. These pairs of leggings generally come in different dark shades, of reds, blues, black and much more. They are fun to wear, and you can add them to your assorted inventory to entice women who love to look preppy at casual outings or gym classes.