A Comprehensive Guide To Up The Layering Game With T-Shirts in Winter

As opposed to many opinions that exist, layering is an art. To put it very simply, it is the art of putting consecutive strata of clothes that could also stand individually. While most of us think that it is an exquisite form of art achievable only by the fashionistas and sartorially advanced men, and throw around the term quite redundantly, but it is quite simple actually.

The key to layering clothes lies in the fact that you need to combine the right pieces together. You can’t just put together a leather jacket and a bomber jacket together and call it layering. That is just preposterous. So what is real layering?

Layering basically involves using three proper pieces of apparels put on top of one another. Now, you can add a bit of more, but in the very usual stuff, layering should be done in three layers so as to let each of the cloth to retain their identities. T-shirt plays a pivotal role in all as the foundation member of the ensemble.

There are a few basic rules that you should be mindful of. Here is how you can deal with each of the layers.

First layer

The first layer is also known as the base layer. This one should be light in weight and comfortable to wear for it gets into direct contact with your skin. A cotton t-shirt, short or long sleeves depend on you, but a tee is a perfect pick for the base layer. It will form the foundation of the ensemble. Top t shirts manufacturers USA based have the best of the same displayed in their inventory. Also, if you start feeling warm, it is easy to strip down to a t-shirt than an embarrassing form of clothing. If you want a more formal option, a thin oxford shirt can do you some good. A polo t-shirt can also be a great pick for base layering, especially if you are aesthetically inclined.

Second layer

Now comes the tricky part. The second layer is important for it decides the rest of your look. No matter how expensive your cloth is, an incorrect second layer can ruin your chances completely. A denim shirt or a flannel shirt can actually serve your purpose. While both the mentioned shirts are comfortable to wear and have warming tendency, they add to both casual and formal attire well. But if you are more on the casual side, then a hoodie or a sweatshirt can also be the pick. The aesthetic appeal of a hoodie/ sweat shirt combined with its warmth is perfect for a day outside. A knitted jumper is also an option that one can rely on. However, whichever option you pick, remember to go for one that will help you breathe while also regulating your body temperature.

Third layer

Once you have sorted the first and second layer, the third one can be easy to pick. First, ask yourself the question- is a third layer required? If no, you are good to go, if not, well then continue reading! The point of putting together the third layer is directly synonymous with its ability to be removed as the heat starts to creep up by midday. A structured blazer can be appealing to the stylish allure. A bomber jacket is the need of the hour, so there is no questioning how it will fair. You can also go for a trench coat if the requirement is formal.

A scarf is an extra bit of protection that you can easily rely on for a stellar finish to the overall ensemble.

So what are you waiting for? Put good use to these tips and make an appearance worth the praise. Reputed t shirts manufacturers USA based have the best of the t-shirts in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk. Special offers and discounts are also available.