Why is Athleisure more than Leisure? 5 Reasons to Embrace it

From the gym to work, work to clubs, the millennial seems to be in a repeat mode. While on a heist to be fit, they seem to follow a particular pattern. With this “healthy” lifestyle on a roll, the clothes had to be altered in order to accommodate the change. Hence, athleisure became the first choice for all. According to Merriam-Webster, athleisure is defined as “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use.” This definition is pretty much self-explanatory.

Why did Athleisure Become so Big?

The trend of athleisure started a few seasons back when the need to balance comfort and style became a primary prerequisite for most of the young people. They were pretty much ready to hit the gym but under certain conditions- will not give up fashion for the sake of comfort.

This forced the designers to make changes in the existing gym apparels and thus, the trend of athleisure caught on with the world. It was easy to percolate for the renewed pieces were everywhere, be it the runways or in the stores. The celebrities played a big role in making the trend a phenomenon, which ensured all its followers that it was here to stay.

It has been quite some time that this trend has been going around the circuit, and one of the primary reasons has to be its strong appeal. The convenience it offers is simply too hard to ignore. You slip into a pair of yoga pants for instance and move around in it the whole day without feeling uneasy or tasteless. The win-win situation that one could get from this particular trend justified its popularity, made it easy to be at-leisure with athleisure.

However, there are still a few who are not entirely convinced about the charm of the trend. For them, certain points have been summarized here

►Unlike other fitness trends, athleisure sees a proper blend of comfort and style. It is functional and fashionable at the same time. So people who want a little of both (in different proportions, however) still have their preference satisfied.

►The clothes are crafted using fine quality materials, which ensures to wick moisture when in the gym, and look pretty when outside. They are breathable and ideal for all seasons, regardless whether it is scorching hot or freezing cold outside.

►Convenience is another name for athleisure. You pick one apparel and go about everywhere. They maintain the clothing decorum and do not go overboard. So you can rest assured about not crossing the line of vulgarity.

► Easy on the pocket is a good enough reason to have the fashion forward, fitness conscious crowd line outside the stores to get a piece of the same. You don’t have to buy clothes individually. One good choice and you are set, for the time being at least.

►Colors and textures have also found their way into these clothes, multiplying their appeal by volumes. The latest undertones have a nice display on them. The prints and patterns incorporated are updated every season to be in sync with the latest demand of the industry.

On that note, it can be said that athleisure is here to stay. They are going nowhere for the youth seeks more than comfort, but nothing less of panache. With top brands and manufacturers producing more and more pieces, the options are increasing in number and allowing the youngsters to make a choice from vast ranges. From t-shirts to a sports bra, shorts to womens yoga pants wholesale, all are a part of the catalog.

Retailers too who want to update their store collection and impress their customers can make a bulk purchase of the same at discounted prices.

Athleisure is a thing for all. Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore it!