A List Of What You Should Not To Wear To The Gym

You must have heard the line, dress for success. Well, this does not apply to the work place only but many different spheres of life as well. Gym is one of them. What you wear to the gym, affects your performance out there. If you’re one of those people, who still wears the middle school shorts and a baggy tee to the gym, you’re doing it wrong. There are certain clothes that you should chuck out of your workout wardrobe as it will do you no good. Wearing the pieces to the gym will hinder with your training and cause disruptions as well. In fact, you should follow certain rules as well regarding what you should avoid to the gym.

100 % cotton clothes

Cotton might sound comfortable and light to wear but it is a big no when comes to gym-oriented fabric. Even though cotton clothes will keep you fresh and stink less than the synthetic fabrics, the vote still goes for artificial fabrics. It is because, synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon has excellent abilities to wick away sweat from the body which will eventually help to keep the fungal bacteria away.

Worn out sneakers

There’s a general rule of thumb that you must wear your sneakers for about 300 miles before you replace them. But if you’re not tracking miles, especially at the gym, then it can be difficult to figure out when to change them. You know your sneakers are too old when the threads and the sole starts to come out, that is when you should invest in a new pair instead of repairing the old one.

Regular bras and stretched out sports bras

If you love your breasts, then don’t even think about wearing normal bras to the gym. Same goes for stretched out sports bras too. These are vices lying in your underwear drawer ready kill your body goals. Instead opt for good wide band bras with nice supportive bands. These are super comfortable for women with D and A cup as well.


You love your fiance, that’s fine, but don’t even think about wearing the engagement ring to the gym. If you’re too nervous to leave your jewelry at home, then keep it at the locker room. Even simple pieces like pendants and studs can really harm you and cause serious damages. Hence, it is advisable to go sans jewelry when you’re hitting the kettle balls.

No makeup

This point is too obvious but still, to keep you aware, make up is not meant for the gym. Instead keep your face fresh and clean by applying only a light moisturizer. What happens, when you wear make up while working out is that it blocks the pores on the face and causes severe breakouts.

Hence, follow the aforesaid tips and wear only those clothes that will help you to achieve your fitness goals. Retailers can get blank gym wear wholesale by contacting one of the popular fitness wear manufacturers and stating the bulk needs.