4 types of Yoga and Perfect Apparels for Each

After being introduced centuries back, yoga has evolved a lot. But if one tries to count the forms of yoga, past and present, which exist, well, let’s just say that is a bit difficult. Over the years, yoga has evolved! A plethora of forms were introduced, each focusing on a particular aspect (for instance that bikram yoga is perfect to lose weight). The yoga culture is divided into so many subcultures, each different from the other, in form and style. So why wear generalised clothing?

If the forms of yoga are different from each other, the clothes should also be different! (That is common sense!) But we do not really have an idea about that. You probably have come across millions of articles on what you should wear to a yoga class.

But to break things down and help you get a clear picture, the below mentioned article deals with the different clothes you need for different forms of yoga. Read on and enlighten yourself.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is practiced in a heated room and the main aim is to make you sweat (in buckets!). So wearing thick cotton t-shirts and pants to the class will only add to your discomfort. When practicing this particular form of yoga, you should actually wear clothes that keep you exposed (but by maintaining the boundaries). A sports bra and a pair of high compression shorts can be the best choice. This will help you cool down and keep your body temperature under control. Keep drinking water, so that you can reap the benefits of the yoga, while not becoming dehydrated.

Kundalini Yoga

There are some form of yoga which makes involves more of meditation and less of movement. Even if there are some moves involved, they are not that strenuous and the mileage may vary. For Kundalini yoga, you can opt for something flowy and comfortable, like a loose t-shirt and a pair of track pants. This will help you feel liberated, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of the yoga. Wholesale yoga apparel as available with many reputed manufacturers is perfect for this type of yoga.

Hatha Yoga

Not following any particular sequence, hatha yoga mixes a variety of asanas together. So you should be ready for any type of movement, from back bending to twists to head stands. These poses require you to be flexible and stretchy (like the sun salutation). Thus, a tank top and a pair of leggings will do you just fine. You can choose a blend of cotton and polyester as base materials for the former will lend a soft touch against your skin, the latter absorbing sweat.

Ashtanga Yoga

The Ashtanga yoga requires a lot of movement and is considered to an austere practice. The asanas are in a sequence, so you know which pose will be followed after which, helping you to wear clothes accordingly. A sports bra and a pair of capris will be the perfect choice of clothes for Ashtanga yoga. For some poses you need to build sweat, while for some you will have to keep yourself dry. The mentioned clothes in high quality make will help you maintain a balance, making the process smooth.

Even though you thought of sticking to the same old comfy clothing pieces, but it is pretty evident that different forms of yoga requires different kinds of clothes (your comfort depends on that). Pick them appropriately and you will enjoy the advantages in volumes. Custom yoga wear is available with prominent manufacturers that can be purchased by retailers in bulk and at discounted prices.